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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

* Gift Announcement - Robert and Patricia Johnson Trust

Dunigan Lounge 162

Schroeder Family School of Business Administration

3:30 p.m.

Today we celebrate the enduring, deeply impactful legacy of Robert A. Johnson and his beloved wife, Patricia "Pat" Johnson '45. Their lifelong dedication to the community, particularly in New Harmony, Indiana, has left an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals.

Robert, a steadfast farmer who remained rooted in the very house of his birth, and Pat, an Evansville College graduate and esteemed educator who spent over four decades nurturing young minds at Reitz High School, embodied the values of service, hard work, and a commitment to bettering the lives of others. Their unwavering devotion to education and community improvement continues to resonate with all who knew them.

In honor of their memory, and in celebration of their lives, the Robert and Patricia Johnson Trust carries on their noble mission, infusing life-changing philanthropy into the heart of our community.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the trust will generously provide over $2.2 million to eight community organizations, including the University of Evansville.

The University of Evansville will be the recipient of $276,824 from the trust, dedicated to supporting student scholarships. This sincere gesture echoes the Johnsons' deep-seated belief in the transformative power of education, and it furthers their unwavering commitment to uplifting future generations.

The Johnsons' legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the enduring change philanthropy, care, and kindness create in the lives of others. Patricia dedicated her life to education and is now giving back to her alma mater to continue her life’s work of shaping students’ lives. Their thoughtful generosity will continue to enrich lives and cultivate opportunities for years to come.

Please join us in expressing our deepest heartfelt gratitude for the immeasurable generosity of the Johnsons. Together, let us honor their memory by continuing to support our community with their same spirit of dedication, kindness, and passion for strengthening the lives of others.

Submitted by Noah Alatza
* Important University Logo Information

The Office of Marketing would like to remind the campus community of some guidelines regarding the University of Evansville and Purple Aces logos. If your department or student organization is using a University-related logo in any materials (print, digital, or swag), please review the important guidelines below.

  • If you are making a logo for your department or organization and it will include the UE, Aces, or Ace Purple logos, it must be designed or approved by Marketing.
  • All University-related logos must be sent through the Office of Marketing for approval.
  • All logos must follow UE brand guidelines, which are outlined on our area’s webpage. See pages 28-39 of the brand guidelines document for full details.
  • UE-affiliated logos should not be distorted or modified in any way. This includes changing the color (unless using white, black, or purple), stretching it, or changing the font next to the UE block.
  • If you are seeking a temporary change to the University’s logos for a specific holiday or cause, approval must be obtained from the Director of Marketing in advance.

As a reminder, the Office of Marketing webpage serves as a toolbox for helpful brand information and assets. This includes our logos in JPG and PNG format, font info and links, the University’s color palette, style guide (for writing), Zoom backgrounds, email signature and PowerPoint templates, and more.

If you want to request a logo for your area – or any other marketing-related materials – you can submit these at any time through Lytho, our digital workflow system.

Should you have any questions about the University brand or logos, please contact Brook Moffat, Director of Marketing, at

Submitted by Julie Beer /

Upcoming Events

* SKIN DEEP Art Exhibit

Did you know that tatooing is one of the greatest (and oldest) human artistic expressions?

The current exhibit in the Krannert Gallery, "SKIN DEEP", features the tatoo work and paintings of six local artists.  The Gallery is open Mon - Sat 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., and Sun. from noon - 8:00 p.m.

Please join us for a reception in Krannert Gallery on Thursday March 14 at 6:30 p.m.

Submitted by Carol McCraney
* Bingo Bash with UE Medical Brigades

Calling all UE students and bingo enthusiasts alike! Join us for an unforgettable evening of excitement and goodwill at our UE Medical Brigades Bingo Bash event, hosted by the UE Medical Brigades Club. 7-9 PM Wednesday, February 28 in SOBA 170. Your participation in this event isn't just about marking off numbers on a bingo card—it's about making a meaningful impact. Funds raised from this event will directly support your fellow UE students to go on a medical brigade to Honduras, where we'll provide vital healthcare services to underserved communities.

Submitted by Frances Renschler
* Employee Spring Healthy Behavior Challenge

Welcome to Bracket Busters Team Step Challenge! Here’s how it works:

- Create your own teams (teams of 4 please!). This is not an individual challenge.

  • Each team should designate a team leader & choose a team name.

  • Each participant is required to sign up!

  • Team leaders are responsible for submitting their team’s total weekly steps (a separate link will be provided at the start of the challenge)

- Each participant should track their steps (Monday-Sunday) and submit to their team leader by the following Monday.

  • Track your steps using your favorite step counter such as an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or pedometer

  • Each team’s total steps are due by the end of the day every Monday. An updated bracket with each team’s steps will be sent out every Tuesday!

  • The number of rounds and eliminations will depend on the number of teams that participate.

The teams with the highest weekly steps will move on to the next round! We will have 4 x $50 gift cards for the overall team!!


Submitted by Taylor Kollak
* Learn about Orr Fellowship - Lunch & Info Session

Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors are invited to learn about the Orr Fellowship through an information session and lunch on Thursday, February 29th, 12:25 - 1:05 pm in SB71.  Orr Fellowship is a community of diverse graduates who are interested in pursuing their first full-time career in Evansville or Indianapolis. Orr Fellowship's mission is to recruit and develop the next generation of business laders and entrepreneurs. Fellows are launched into a salaried role with a partner company for a 2 year experience while connecting with other fellows through community and career-enhancement activities. Students of all majors are encouraged to learn more! Lunch will be provided to in-person attendees; please email Megan Conapinski at to get registered.

Submitted by Megan Conapinski
* Celebration of Hip Hop Then & Now

Educator. Poet. Singer. Hip-Hop Emcee. DJ.  These are just some of the titles that Manon Voice goes by.  However, when she steps on the campus of UE, she will be Professor Manon Voice, the dynamic, energized professor that gives room for her students to fall in love with MUSIC-the universal language. 

Educator. Music Lover. DJ.  Not just any DJ but DJ for the Indiana Pacers!  DJ Stylistic will join Professor Manon Voice for this inaugural music celebration on the campus of the University of Evansville. 

This event is FREE and open to the public.  Event is taking place on Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at 6pm-Eykamp Hall Room 251.

Submitted by Melissa Moore mm350@EVANSVILLE.EDU
* UE Black History Documentary Viewing

Tuesday, February 6th at the Downtown Evansville Public Library. Arnel Hall presented his documentary "Our Story: Once the Doors Open". Members of the CDEI at USI's campus attended the viewing supporting current student and Fellow Scholar, Leairra Carter, almunus Arnel Hill, and UEAAAA. Please find time to watch and listen to the documentary for great perspective and maybe you too can tell your story.

Pictured is Arnell Hill, Leairra Carter, and Aaron Turner.

Submitted by Alexa Ferguson

Changemaker Corner

* 2023 Emerging ChangeLab Coach of the Year

Emerging ChangeLab Coach of the Year: Omid Khormali. Designed to recognize someone who has made an outsized impact early on as a Coach.

Congratulations to Dr. Omid Khormali who was selected as the 2023 Emerging ChangeLab Coach of the Year. The award, which was designed to recognize someone who has made an outsized impact early on as a coach, reflects the achievements of the Data Analytics in the Real Word ChangeLab that Professor Khormali coaches. Recently, students in this course have analyzed data for the US Forestry Service, producing an app that will allow the USFS to better allocate resources in solving forest fires and invasive species problems.

The Center for Innovation & Change is very proud to work with coaches like Dr. Khormali in helping make the world a better place!

Submitted by Andrew Carter
* 2023 ChangeLab Coach of the Year

Congratulations to Dr. Cindy Crowe who was selected as the 2023 ChangeLab Coach of the Year.  The award, which was designed to recognize someone who has dedicated a sustained amount of time to helping their students make a significant impact, reflects the achievements of the Latino Community Outreach ChangeLab that Professor Crowe coaches. The ChangeLab focuses on healthcare and education and works with healthcare providers, local schools, and various nonprofit organizations to encourage the study of Spanish and to promote diversity and multicultural harmony. ChangeLab students choose the projects in which they have the most interest. Dr. Crowe encourages native/heritage/first generation students as well as students who are studying Spanish to sign up for the fall CHNG-310-S02 Latino Community Outreach and/or to contact her for more details at

Submitted by Andrew Carter
* Center for Innovation & Change Welcomes Robert Lopez

The Center for Innovation & Change is thrilled to welcome Robert Lopez '23 to the team as Office Operations Coordinator.

Robert is an ethics and social change graduate and changemaking rock star - and quite a familiar face around the community. As a student at Bosse High School, he competed in the High School Changemaker Challenge with an idea to establish what has become the Toyota Trinity Stormwater Park in downtown Evansville. Robert remained engaged with UE through high school graduation and became an incredibly engaged student as he pursued his degree. He was president of Students for Social Innovation, the UE Venturing Crew, and an impactful student in several ChangeLab courses. We are so happy someone with his talent chose to stay in our community and couldn't be more proud he accepted the position on our team.

Robert stated, “Having worked with or for the CIC in some capacity for almost 7 years, there isn’t another department on campus or organization in Evansville that has a more profound effect on my life’s trajectory, and I couldn’t be happier to finally give some of that back in a meaningful way.”

Please join us in welcoming Robert officially to the team. Send him an email at or stop by our office on the second floor of Ridgway University Center.

Submitted by Andrew Carter

Info You Should Know

* Summer 1 and 2: Outcome 5 with Writing Option

MUS-156, "Music in America" will be offered in summer sessions 1 and 2 as an asynchronous online course fulfilling Outcome 5.

The newly created MUS-157 offers the same content but fulfills both Outcome 5 and the Writing Across the Curriculum overlay. MUS-157 will also be offered in summer 1 and 2 as an asynchronous online course.

Contact Dr. Strandberg (ks532) with any questions.

Submitted by Kristen Strandberg
* UE Pride Camp needs your support

Submitted by Kristen Strandberg
* PSYC Courses Offered During Summer Sessions

PSYC 121 – Introduction to Psychology will be offered as an online asynchronous class during Summer Session 1 (May 13 – June 14, 2024).

PSYC 420 – Children, Psychology, and Law will be offered as an online asynchronous class during Summer Session 1 (May 13 – June 14, 2024).

PSYC 229 – Social Psychology will be offered as an online asynchronous class during Summer Session 2 (June 17 – July 19, 2024). This course is also an affiliated course for the Gender, Women's and Sexualities minor.

PSYC 259 – Abnormal Psychology will be offered as an online asynchronous class during Summer Session 2 (June 17 – July 19, 2024).  This course is also an affiliated course for the Gender, Women's and Sexualities minor.

PSYC 406 – Gender, Psychology, and Law will be offered as an online asynchronous class during Summer Session 2 (June 17 – July 19, 2024).

If you have questions about these courses, please contact Dr. Evan McCracken via email:

Submitted by Evan McCracken
* Employee Directory Information

We are initiating another campaign to encourage employees to update their building location, office number, and extension details. This feature was launched in SelfService a couple of years ago. Given the changes in our workforce, with new additions and transfers, it's crucial to ensure the accuracy of our records.

Please spare a moment to update this information to help maintain its accuracy. You can access the page under SelfService, UE Forms | Employees | Directory Information.

Submitted by Noah Alatza
* 2024-2025 Scholarship Opportunity: The Margaret E. Schriefer Liberal Arts Scholarship

The Margaret E. Schriefer Liberal Arts Scholarship was established for the University of Evansville in loving memory of Margaret E. Schriefer. This scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving student, covering full tuition, books, supplies, materials, and laboratory fees. To be considered for this scholarship, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be enrolled at the University of Evansville and have a major of study in Literature, English, Music or Theatre.
  • Must be a natural-born citizen of the United States of America with no prior criminal record, other than minor traffic violations.
  • Must be a free and accepted Mason in good standing in a local lodge under the authority of the Grand Lodge of its state, or be the descendant, sibling, or nephew/niece of a Master Mason in good standing in his respective lodge under the authority of the Grand Lodge of its respective state. If the related Mason shall not be living at the time of the student’s consideration for this scholarship, a letter shall be obtained from the Lodge of the related Mason to the effect that the related Mason was in good standing at the time of his death. 
  • Must have and maintain a "C" average

If you meet the requirements for this scholarship, please complete the scholarship application and return to the Office of Student Financial Services by April 15th, 2024.

Questions may be directed to SFS by email ( or by phone at 812-488-2364.

Submitted by Carly Cox
* Support Student Media

Student Media is a student organization at the University of Evansville that produces the Crescent Magazine published online and in print three times a semester. Student media produces several podcasts and utilizes design, photography, video, and sound towards experiential and academic learning in journalistic endeavors and engaging storytelling. Student media elevates the voice of the student body and connects the campus and community to important information and points of view.

We invite you to support Student Media by…

listening to the new internet radio station Fireside Aces Radio The station is live with limited, but growing programming. Enjoy sports, news, music, podcasts, and more.

reading the Crescent Magazine. The February issue will be available Wednesday the 28th

or by following us on Instagram @UEStudentMedia

Advertise with us! 1,500 copies of the Crescent Magazine are distributed on the University of Evansville Campus and published on our website which has over 6,000 views a month. Consider advertising by being featured in one of our podcasts or become a podcast sponsor. Our podcasts episodes receive 100-200 downloads per episode on average and this rate of downloads is growing exponentially. Our podcasts are available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, RSS, and YouTube. Help spread the word about our new radio station by advertising on the air. For rates and opportunities contact Student Media Advisor Tommy J Housman

Submitted by Tommy Housman
* UE Purple Aces Investment Research Team Competes In Nashville

The UE Purple Aces Investment research team will participate in the 2023/2024 CFA regional investment competition in Nashville, TN, on Thursday, February 29. The subject company is Cracker Barrel. The team consists of the following members: Landon Stoll, Collin Kleeman, Colin Johnson, Preston Riggs, and Grant Tichenor. Professor Khan serves as the team mentor.

Submitted by Landon Stoll
* Summer Computer Science Courses

SECS will be offering CS-101: Introduction to Computer Science and CS-210: Fundamentals of Programming I this summer during Summer Session I (May 13-June 14).  Sign up today to hold your spot!

Submitted by Tonya Albright
* EmployeeTIAA Individual Counseling Sessions

The TIAA-CREF representative will be back on the UE campus for individual counseling sessions.

  • March 20
  • April 24
  • May 16
  • June 12
  • July 17

To schedule an appointment, please visit The sessions are held in the Eades Music Room, SOBA 153.

Submitted by Lori LeDuc
* Summer Sessions 1 & 2: ENGL 210- Outcome 2 and Writing Across the Curriculum

ENGL 210: Approaches to Literature fulfills two General Education requirements: Outcome 2 and Writing Across the Curriculum. This course engages students in the analytic reading and writing that characterize the field of literary studies. Students will read intensively in multiple literary genres (e.g. poetry, short fiction, the essay, drama, memoir, and the novel), and will develop writing skills appropriate to the discipline. This summer two sections of ENGl 210 will be offered online asynchronously: Summer Session 1 (May 13-June 14) and Summer Session 2 (June 17-July 19). Sections tend to fill quickly, so consider signing up early.

Submitted by Sara Petrosillo
* Call for Nominations: Dean of Students Leadership Awards

Nominations are now being accepted for consideration of The Howard S. Rosenblatt “Dean of Students Leadership Awards.”  These awards will be presented at the 31st Annual Leadership Awards Reception scheduled for Monday, April 22, 2024.  Invitations will be prepared by the Center for Student Engagement.

Awards from the Dean of Students Office are presented in the following categories:

  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year
  • Student Organization of the Year
  • Student Leader of the Year

Our student organizations are successful because of the commitment of the student leaders and the advisors who give freely of their time and support.  The recipients of these awards are selected based on their commitment to the University of Evansville as well as the development and success of their efforts within their chosen student organization.

The deadline for nominations is March 22, 2024.  Click on this link to submit your nomination:

If you have any questions, please contact the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students office at 812-488-2500 or by e-mail via

Thank you in advance for celebrating our student leaders’ achievements!

Submitted by Alyson Roblero
* BIOL 107 (GEN ED Lab Science) Offered Summer 1

Biology 107 (4 cr) will be offered asynchronous online this summer session 1. The lab component will be online as well utilizing web-based simulations. This course satisfies lab science General Education credit (Outcome 8). All majors are welcome! If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Gordon at

Submitted by Noah Gordon
* Housing Request Cards Available

Housing request cards are available for rising junior and senior students interested in livng in the Villages (the new Lincoln Commons Apartments, Townhouses, and Jones Hall apartments) next year.  Request cards are also available for rising sophomore students interested in New Hall and Jones Hall apartments for next year.

Request cards are available in Residence Life through Friday and are due back by 5pm Friday, March 1.  For more information on the housing selection process see or email

Submitted by Brian Conner
* Financial Aid for Summer Courses

UE students seeking financial aid or intending to use loan funds for summer courses at UE should complete a Summer Financial Aid Application and return it to the Office of Student Financial Services (Olmsted 105) however is most convenient by April 25, 2024. The application will allow our office to assess your financial aid and loan eligibility.


On-campus jobs are available for continuing UE students during the summer. You do not need to be eligible for need-based Federal Work-Study during the academic year in order to apply. You may also apply regardless of your enrollment in summer courses. Applications will be available within the Student Employment area of Self-Service.

Submitted by Amy Sowders
* Getting Involved with UEclipse

Activities are being planned for Monday, April 8, beginning at 11:00 a.m. as the eclipse approaches totality at 2:02 p.m. If you or your student organization is interested in providing an activity, please contact Kelsey Rowland at and copy Paula Heldt at by March 1.

Learn more about the eclipse by visiting,

Submitted by Noah Alatza
* Outstanding Senior Service Award Nominations

It’s Time to Nominate a Deserving Senior for the Outstanding Senior Service Award

Do you know a senior deserving of the highest award given by UE? Ten finalists will be selected, and one student will be presented this award at Commencement. Selection is based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and community and campus engagement.

The Guthrie May and Mabel Dillingham Nenneker Outstanding Senior Service Award nominations will be accepted February 19 – March 15, 2024.?Students nominated must accept their nomination by 5:00 p.m. on March 22nd, 2024.

You can nominate deserving seniors by completing the form below. Once you submit a nomination, students will receive an automatic email giving them the opportunity to accept the award.

Please contact Alyson Roblero Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs/ Dean of Students ( with any questions.

Submitted by Alyson Roblero
* GBHEM United Methodist Scholarship Application Deadline

The General Board of Higher Education & Ministry awards scholarships to United Methodist college students in the United States. The Fall 2024 deadline to apply for these scholarships is March 13th. To apply or get more information about the application process, visit

Submitted by Amber Chandler


* SECS Hosted MATHCOUNTS February 10th

On February 10, The School of Engineering and Computer Science hosted the Southwestern Indiana Regional MATHCOUNTS Competition, where sixth, seventh, and eighth grade “mathletes” from southwestern Indiana schools competed. The competition was held at the University of Evansville in its Ridgeway Center.

The competition, which was sponsored by UE School of Engineering and Computer Science, The Koch Foundation, Berry, CountryMark, and the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers Educational Foundation, started with three rounds of challenging written questions. Based on the scores from these rounds, winners were as follows:

Team Winners:

1st        Perry Heights Middle School, Evansville
Team members: Alta Kuhn, Taran Sheth, Emi Wilbourne, and Jack Wilbourne

2nd       St. John the Baptist Catholic School, Newburgh

Team members: Alex Folz, Nathan Hardesty, Liam Ragan, and Avery Slade

Individual Winners:

1st        Taran Sheth, Perry Heights Middle School, Evansville

2nd       Abigail Bullington, Evansville Christian School, Evansville

3rd        Naren Raghaven, Castle North Middle School, Newburgh

4th        Jonathan Davis, Castle North Middle School, Newburgh

In addition to the written competition, the mathletes received a tour of the University of Evansville campus, ate lunch in the campus food court, and received t-shirts commemorating the event. The top 8 mathletes participated in a Jeopardy-like oral competition for fun and prizes. It was a fun way to challenge the kids and motivate them to continue with their math education.

Abigail, Naren, and the four members of the Perry Heights team qualified to compete in the state competition at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute on March 9th.

Anyone interested in learning more about MATHCOUNTS can visit its web site at

Submitted by Tonya Albright


* Baseball Aces To Battle #9 Vanderbilt Wednesday In Nashville

The University of Evansville baseball team will take on one of the nation’s top teams on Wednesday afternoon, as the Purple Aces will travel to Nashville, Tennessee to take on the #9 Vanderbilt Commodores at Hawkins Field.  First pitch is set for 4:30 p.m. and Wednesday’s game can be seen live on the SEC Network+ streaming service.

Wednesday’s game will feature two of the nation’s top offenses when it comes to knocking doubles around the yard, as both UE and Vanderbilt rank in the nation’s top 10 so far in the category.  Evansville entered the week ranked third in NCAA Division I baseball with 26 doubles, while Vanderbilt ranked sixth with 24.  Evansville came up just one double shy of the program’s single-game school record for doubles on Sunday, as UE knocked seven doubles in an 18-4 win at New Orleans.

Evansville will enter Wednesday’s game at 4-3 on the season after Sunday’s win at UNO.  Offensively, Evansville is hitting .339 this year, with three players hitting above .400 in junior second baseman Cal McGinnis (.469), senior shortstop Simon Scherry (.417) and graduate outfielder Mark Shallenberger (.400).  The Purple Aces have averaged 10.7 runs per game, and UE’s 75 runs through seven contests is the second-most in school history, behind only the 1956 squad, which scored 84 runs in its first seven games on the way to a school-best 11-0-1 start.

Vanderbilt, meanwhile, took a 5-3 overall record into Tuesday night’s game against Indiana State.  The Commodores entered the week hitting .295 as a team, led by senior catcher Alan Espinal’s .393 average.  Vanderbilt continues to be built around pitching and defense, as the Commodores boast a .982 fielding percentage while posting a 4.69 staff ERA with 85 strikeouts against just 37 walks in 71.0 innings of work.  Vanderbilt has held the opposition to a .218 batting average so far this season.

UE will turn to senior RHP Shane Harris (1-1, 13.50 ERA) to get the start on the mound on Wednesday.  Harris started last year’s contest at Vanderbilt, and held the Commodores to just a single run on two hits in 5.0 innings of work.  Evansville and Vanderbilt played a marathon 17-inning contest last March in Nashville in which the Commodores picked up a 2-1 victory.  The game ranked as the longest contest in Vanderbilt baseball history, and it was the second-longest game in NCAA Division I baseball last season.

Submitted by Athletics
* Senior Night set for Wednesday when Aces host Sycamores

Senior Night is on tap Wednesday when the University of Evansville men’s basketball team plays host to Indiana State at the Ford Center.  Tip is set for 7 p.m. CT with ESPN+ and the Purple Aces Radio Network on the call.  Seniors Gage Bobe, Kenny Strawbridge Jr., Antonio Thomas and Yacine Toumi will be honored before and after the game.


Last Time Out

- Evansville led by a 26-24 score at halftime, but an 11-0 second-half run by Southern Illinois saw them finish with a 63-53 win

- Ben Humrichous led the Purple Aces with 11 points and 7 boards while Antonio Thomas registered 10 points


Reversing the Trend

- Entering the SIU game, Antonio Thomas averaged 2.8 points in the prior four games while shooting 21.4%

- He rebounded against the Salukis with 10 points on 4-of-5 shooting

- Thomas continues to be efficient from the line, connecting on 84.6% of his tries (T-5th in MVC); he has hit 23 of his last 25 tries

- With UE clinging to the lead in the final minute against Bradley, Thomas calmly hit all four of his attempts to clinch the victory


Back at his Best

- Ben Humrichous continues to get better and better since returning to the floor

- He has scored 18+ points in three of the last four games, averaging 17.5 PPG over that time

- Humrichous was 7-of-12 from the field with 6 boards and 6 assists at UIC

- He remains one of the most versatile players in the MVC and the stat rankings are indicative of that: scoring (11th | 15.4 PPG), FG% (9th | 51.6%), 3PT% (2nd | 43.5%), blocks (8th | 1.00/game)


Still Going Strong

- Leading the Purple Aces with 15 points at Murray State, Tanner Cuff continued his recent success

- Cuff has 9+ points in 6 of the last 10 games while averaging 9.0 PPG (90 points) over that span

- In the home win over UIC, he recorded a career-high 16 points on 6-of-10 shooting

- Over the last 12 games, Cuff has 19 assists and 11 turnovers; the 6 games prior saw him post 6 assists and 10 turnovers


Scouting the Opponent

- Indiana State opens the final week of the regular season with a 1-game lead atop the Missouri Valley Conference standings

- The Sycamores are 24-5 overall and stand at 15-3 in conference action

- Isaiah Swope paces ISU with 16.9 points per game with Robbie Avila just behind at 16.7 PPG

- Avila has a team-high 20 blocks and ranks second with 7.0 boards and 103 assists

- Ryan Conwell checks in with 15.8 PPG with Jayson Kent (13.1 PPG) and Julian Larry (10.8 PPG) also recording double figures

- Kent paces the Sycamores with 8.2 rebounds per game

Submitted by Athletics
* Aces track and field complete indoor season at MVC Indoor Championships

The University of Evansville track and field team set a new program record in the men’s 4x400 relay on the final day of the MVC Indoor Championships.

A program record, a personal record, and a fourth-place finish were the highlights for the Purple Aces on the second day of the MVC Indoor Championships. The men’s 4x400 relay team of Raymond Felton III (Houston / Clear Brook HS), Austin Liversgowdy (Florence, Ky. / Cooper HS), Alvaro Monfort (Castile Y Leon, Spain), and Cedrik Flipo (Beloeil, Quebec, Canada) had UE’s highest finish of the day in fourth place. Evansville won its heat and improved on the program record from earlier in the season by over two seconds with a time of 3:17.14.

The women’s 4x400 relay team also had a strong showing on Monday afternoon, coming in just under their program record time at the PNC Bank Bellarmine Classic. The women’s team of Eilen Brenne (Skien, Norway), Nicole Prauchner (Neuhofen an der Ybbs, Austria), Nayla Martin (Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada), and Kalina Urbaniak (Suchy Las, Poland) finished with a time of 3:59.14 for ninth place.

Prauchner ran in the only finals race that required qualification for the Aces. Prauchner finished seventh in the 800-meter race with a time of 2:14.90. UE had two other runners compete individually on Monday as Samuel Lea (Worchester, England) and Sarah Vanderhoof-Dossett (Franklin, Tenn. / Independence HS) ran the 3000-meter race. Lea ran a 8:42.42 for 25th while Vanderhoof-Dossett ran a 10:41.27 for 26th place.

Evansville’s other personal best on Monday came in the field as senior Brooke Springer (Henderson, Ky. / Henderson Community HS) threw a 10.13 in the women’s shot put. Springer broke her previous best throw by over half a meter and came a hundredth of a meter shy of the program record set by Antonia Lamond in 2023. The Aces also had Zach Dove (Princeton, Ind. / Princeton Community HS) and Jaden Hayes (Huntingburg, Ind. / Southridge HS) in the men’s shot put. Dove threw 14.87 meters for 17th while Hayes threw 13.07 meters and a 21st place finish.

Overall, UE finished in 10th place on both the men’s and the women’s side. The men were 10th of 10 while the women were 10th of 11.

Evansville will have almost a full month off from competition before beginning the outdoor season in March. The Aces first meet of outdoor competition will be on March 22nd and 23rd at the Margret Simmons Invite hosted by Murray State.

Submitted by Athletics

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