Questions or Concerns Regarding this Work:

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Description of Work:

A maintenance technician will remove and replace floor tile in entrances/exits on the first floor of Koch Center (77 Edition). This work requires the entrance on the west and east sides of the building to be closed. We will only close one entrance at a time for approximately 2-3 days.

Affected Dates:

East Entrance: February 4th through February 6th

West Entrance: February 7th through February 9th

Impact for Occupants:

There will be no entry or exit through the affected space while work is being completed.

Action(s) Required:

  • Please use caution near maintenance personnel, equipment, and activity.
  • Please use alternative exits/entrances into the building
  • Please follow posted signage, caution tape and cones.

Thank you for your patience as we maintain our beautiful campus

To report a facilities emergency, call (812) 488-2775