Update: A transformer has arrived and is being installed tonight. Updates to follow.


Background: On Saturday, September 16, the singular campus chiller stopped running. A technician was called to evaluate repair options and determined that a transformer for the chiller failed.

Affected Dates:

Saturday, September 16 through TBD

Affected Buildings:

Bower-Suhrheinrich Library

Carson Center (excluding practice facility)

Clifford Library

Graves Hall

Hale Hall

Hyde/Shanklin Theatre

Koch Center

Krannert/Fine Arts Hall

McCutchan Stadium

Moore Hall

Neu Chapel

New Hall

Olmsted Administration Hall

Sampson Hall

Schroeder School of Business Building

Ridgway University Center

Wheeler Concert Hall

Impact for Occupants:

There will be no air conditioning in the buildings during the entire shutdown period. We are bringing in colder air during evenings and nights to pre-cool buildings.

Action(s) Required:

In the event a room in the building becomes too hot, please contact Facilities Management at 812-488-2775.