As a part of our campus safety preparedness, we will be conducting an Active Threat DRILL during the daytime hours on either January 12th or 13th. This advance notice is to allow the Office of Public Safety to conduct the drill in an “unannounced” format while creating the least amount of disruption to the learning process.

This drill will focus on the HIDE aspect of the Run, Hide, Fight protocols. The limited focus will not require faculty, students, or staff to leave the area they are in when the drill begins. If you are in a common space or outside, please react in line with the HIDE aspect of Run, Hide, Fight.

Although we enjoy a relatively safe campus, it is crucial for every member of the UE community to be familiar with the Run, Hide, Fight protocols and for everyone to participate fully in the training drills. Observers will be on campus to assist us in evaluating the drill. They will also help in identifying ways we can improve our planning and response.

The observers will be Evansville Police Officers. They will all wear high visibility vest that identify them as law enforcement while they are on campus for the drill.