The University of Evansville had a very successful spring semester with a small number of COVID-19 cases. This is the result of the intentional practices of our campus community who have come together to limit the spread of the virus on campus.

In preparing for the Fall 2021 semester, we will continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to protect our campus community. Similar to the requirement for students in the Spring 2021 semester, the following will be required for students AND employees for the Fall 2021 semester: A negative COVID-19 test is required for all full and part-time students and employees (including adjunct instructors) who have reason to be on the UE or Stone Center for Health Sciences campuses.  Those who submit a negative COVID-19 test will be required to participate in random COVID-19 testing during the fall semester.

Alternatively, students and employees may submit documentation of COVID-19 vaccination before the start of the fall semester. Those who submit proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, and have completed the 14-day waiting period, will not be required to submit a negative COVID-19 rapid or PCR test or participate in the Random COVID-19 Testing Program.  

Students and faculty participating in study abroad programs, including Harlaxton College, will be provided specific information from the Study Abroad Office regarding testing and vaccine requirements for fall travel.

Please click on the link below for important information specific to requirements, submitting documents, and important deadlines: 

Student COVID Testing or Proof of Vaccination

Employee COVID Testing or Proof of Vaccination

The Coronavirus Healthcare Task Force continues to be grateful to our employees and students in helping to protect our campus and our community.