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Monday, November 16, 2020

* Share your holiday traditions and greetings!

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and our fall semester is quickly coming to a close! As you prepare to head home for the holidays, UE wants to know: what is your favorite holiday tradition?

The University would like to feature a video sharing the holiday traditions of students around the world and in America, and we need your help! If you'd like to be included in this project, please record a video sharing your favorite tradition. Our students and faculty come from diverse backgrounds, and the holiday season is a great time to learn about cultures and traditions!

Additionally, if you are an international student or come from a multicultural background, we would like to learn more about your holiday greetings. Please record a short video sharing your holiday greetings in your native language and UE will create a video showing holiday messages from around the world!

All videos can be uploaded to a designated OneDrive folder. You may also provide a link to the file on OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive and email Please upload all videos by Wednesday, November 18!

Some video guidelines to keep in mind when recording:

  • Film your video horizontally (wide screen)
  • Don't record your video extremely closeup (in case cropping is necessary)
  • Leave a 2 or 3-second gap before you start speaking so your voice isn't cut off in the videos
  • If you choose to record outside, make sure there is no wind noise or other sounds in the background

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Bryant, university relations coordinator, at


COVID-19 Corner

* Been positive for COVID-19? You can still get it again! Stay safe, Aces.

Per the CDC, It is still unknown how long the antibodies protect someone from reinfection. Therefore, prevention practices must be practiced even if someone has recovered.


Upcoming Events

* Beethoven 250 Series Continues with Live-Streamed Concert

Professors of Music Garnet Ungar and Anne Fiedler, and guest artist Yu-Han Kuan will perform live from Neu Chapel on Tuesday, November 17, at 7:30 p.m. Continuing the “Beethoven 250” series begun in the Spring semester 2020, the concert honors the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. The program will include the Sonata in D Major, Op. 10, No. 3, Andante favori, and the famous "Waldstein" sonata. Please join us on YouTube at

* This Week in Newman Club

Check out what Newman Catholic Club is up to this week! All are welcome!

Newman Night:

Wednesday (11/18), 6pm, Zoom
For our last Newman Night, we are doing a virtual Friendsgiving! Just a fun way to close this semester in food and fellowship with each other. If you can attend, please fill out this event RSVP by Nov 16th at 11:59 pm. **You will receive the Zoom link the day of in the morning**

Small Groups:

Tuesdays at 7pm at the Newman House*
Thursdays at 7:30pm at the Newman House*

Catholic Mass:

Sundays, 1pm, Neu Chapel (last mass of the semester)

Rosary Group:

Sundays, 2pm, Newman House*

*Newman House: 1901 Lincoln Ave

Want to be updated about Newman and become a member?! Follow us on instagram at ue_newman and become a member using the link

qr code.

* You're Invited to the Honors Program Project Presentations

The Honors Program invites the campus community to attend the Honors Program Project Presentations on Tuesday, November 17 at 4:00pm. The honors project represents the culmination of the honors experience and provides an opportunity for students to explore an area about which they are passionate. The honors project may consist of a research project, thesis, or creative work.

The following Honors Program students have finished their projects this semester and will be presenting at this event, which will be held via Zoom. We hope you will join us to support these students and hear about the fantastic work which they have completed.

Taylor Thomas – “Medical Malpractice and Quality Assurance”
Bayleigh Kasper – “From Rome to Home: A Guide to Navigating Your Way Back from a Long Trip”
Victoria Martin & Jenna Sumpter – “Launching the Newman Newsletter”

Zoom Details:
Meeting ID: 921 3615 6009
Passcode: 956575

* Virtual Talk with an Award-winning Forensic Accounting Expert and Book Author

Rania Mousa, Associate Professor of Accounting and Mead Johnson Nutrition Endowed Chair in Business, would like to invite accounting and business students to attend an upcoming virtual talk with Tiffany Couch, a nationally-recognized expert source on the topic of fraud and financial crimes.

author and book.

Tiffany Couch is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified in Financial Forensics, a Certified Fraud Examiner and is the founder and principal of a forensic accounting firm based in the Pacific Northwest. She has been described as an “energetic, engaging and thought-provoking speaker,” who has 20 years of experience in conducting financial investigations and testifying as an expert witness in state and federal jurisdictions. Her expertise has been used by The New York Times, Forbes, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, and Fraud Magazine. She is the former Chairwoman of the Association of the Certified Fraud Examiners' (ACFE) Board of Regents and the winner of the ACFE 2014 James R. Baker Speaker of the Year to honor an individual who has demonstrated the true spirit of leadership in communication, presentation and quality instruction. She is also the book author of “The Thief in Your Company: Protect Your Organization from the Financial and Emotional Impacts of Insider Fraud,” which has been highly rated on Amazon.

The virtual event will take place on Tuesday, November 17, from 4:00-6:00 pm CST. If you like to attend the event, please reach out to Dr. Rania Mousa (rm190) via email to receive a Zoom invite.

* Meditation & Prayer Service

In these stressful times, we could all use a space to re-center, re-focus, and enjoy the quiet. On Monday, November 16, 7PM, the Office of Religious Life will offer a half-hour of Christian meditation to create just such a space in Neu Chapel. Feel free to bring a cushion or pillow to make your meditation more comfortable. If you have any questions, please contact JillAnn Knonenborg, Director of Religious Life.

* International Bazaar

The annual International Bazaar is coming up soon. It is going to be Saturday November 21st. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be limiting the number of people in the room. But do not worry. Bazaar will happen from 5pm to 8pm so there is plenty of time for you and your friends check out the biggest event of campus. Join us and learn more about the diversity on your campus!

* Special Presentation: The Legacy of Racism for Children: Psychology, Law, & Public Policy

Join us on November 17th, 7pm-8pm, for a presentation and discussion with Dr. Margaret Stevenson, author of the recently published Oxford University Press book, “The Legacy of Racism for Children: Psychology, Law, and Public Policy.” In her book, Stevenson reviews the ways in which law and policy shape the lives of marginalized children and adolescents – racial and ethnic minorities – who historically and presently are at heightened risk for experiencing disadvantageous consequences of law and policy. Topics include the intersection of race and ethnicity with child dependency court, familial incarceration, the “school to prison pipeline,” police/youth interactions, and jurors’ perceptions of racial minority child and adolescent victims and defendants.

Hosted by the University of Evansville's Psi Chi chapter, Psychology Club, and the Department of Law, Politics, & Society



Info You Should Know

* Winter Intersession Courses

There is still time to register for Winter Intersession courses. The online courses run December 10, 2020 to January 15, 2021, and students may take up to two courses. For registration and payment deadlines and information, visit the Registrar area.

Winter Intersession Courses
ACCT 398 3 Internship in Accounting Morgan
ACCT 211 3 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Taylor
ART 105 3 Introduction to the Visual Arts Larmann
ASTR 101 3 Descriptive Astronomy Braun
AT 180 3 Introduction to Athletic Training Tilly
BIOL 107 4 General Biology Aldred
BUS 100 3 Introduction to Business Fenton J
BUS 398 3 Internship in Business Morgan
CHEM 103 3 Chemistry of Adult Beverages Miller
CHEM 118 4 Principles of Chemistry Miller-Morong
COMM 380 3 Intercultural Communication Thomlison
COMM 130 3 Introduction to Communication Wandel
COMM 221 3 Media Writing Wandel
COMM 333 3 News Copyediting Wandel
ECON 101 3 Principles of Macroeconomics Bayar
ECON 102 3 Principles of Microeconomics Bayar
ECON 398 3 Internship in Economics Morgan
ES 103 3 Fundamentals of Environmental Science Thananatthanachon
ETH/PHIL 121 3 Introduction to Ethics Kretz
EXSS 150 2 Introduction to Health Sciences Laughbaum
EXSS 320 3 Nutrition for Performance and Health Rodd
EXSS 488 1-2 Internship Rodd
EXSS 488 TBD Internship Wilson
FIN 361 3 Fundamentals of Finance Brockman C
FIN 478 3 Risk Management Khan
GEOL 130 3 Environmental Geology Swenty
GT 225 3 Lifespan Development Hennon
HSA 405/505 3 Health Care Systems Stroube
HSA 498/529 1 Health Service Field Experience Stroube
LAW 201 3 Legal Environment of Business Fenton
LSCM 350 3 Humanitarian Logistics Obaze
MATH 105 3 College Algebra Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 134 3 Surveys of Calculus Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 221 4 Calculus 1 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 222 4 Calculus 2 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 323 4 Calculus 3 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 324 3 Differential Equations Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 365 3 Probability Gruenwald
MGT 497 3 Global Strategic Management Fenton H
MGT 377 3 Organizational Behavior Fenton H
MGT 331 3 International Business Strategy Fox
MUS 156 3 Music in America Strandberg
NEUR 125 3 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience Campese
NUTR 304 3 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies Rea
PH 190 3 Introduction to Public Health Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 195 3 Global Health Issues Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 488 1-3 Internship Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 598 1-3 Public Health Practicum Patel-Dovlatabadi
PHYS 121 4 Algebra Physics 1 (includes lab(121L)) Stamm
PSCI 100 3 World Politics Kim
PSYC 121 3 Introduction to Psychology Campese
PSYC 245 4 Statistics for Psychologists Campese
PSYC 225 3 Lifespan Development Hennon
PSYC 226 3 Child and Adolescent Psychology Hennon
PSYC 229 3 Social Psychology Stevenson
PSYC 320 3 Psychology and the Law Stevenson
PSYC 431 3 Stereotyping, Racism, and Prejudice Stevenson
QM 227 3 Introduction to Statistics Khormali
REL 212 3 Living World Religions Gupta
SOC 105 3 Introduction to Sociology Plikuhn
SOC 230 3 Social Problems in the Modern World Plikuhn
SOC 350 3 Popular Culture Plikuhn
SPAN 211 3 Intermediate Spanish 1 Rodriguez Quevedo
STAT 166 1 Introduction to R for Data Science Weber


* Nearing Retirement?

Thinking about retirement? Check healthcare off your to-do list.

University of Evansville established the Retirement Healthcare Savings Plan (RHSP) as a way to help you prepare and pay for your medical expenses in retirement. As you get older, healthcare costs are likely to take up a larger portion of your budget, and Medicare may not be enough. The Emeriti RHSP also provides access to group retiree health insurance plan options that have no network restrictions and follow you wherever you live in the United States.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not conducting on-site meetings, but we hope you’ll join us for a Zoom webinar to learn more about what your employer is doing to help you prepare for healthcare expenses in retirement.

To join a session, choose one from the chart below. Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device using one of the webinar links below. Or, to join by phone, dial 877-853-5257 and enter he webinar ID and passcode.

Institution Date Time Webinar link Webinar ID Passcode
Emeriti National Thu, Nov 12 2 p.m. (ET) Join the Nov 12 webinar 979 3967 5034 798746
University of Evansville Tue, Nov 17 11 a.m. (CT) Join the Nov 17 webinar 979 1527 6901 798746

Need more information? Call the Emeriti Service Center at 866-363-7484 and press option #2, weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (ET).

* 2020-21 Student Consumer Information

The U.S. Department of Education requires universities to disclose consumer information to prospective and enrolled students, parents, and employees. This information is available on the University of Evansville website at

Questions may be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services at 800-424-8634, 812-488-2364, or

A paper copy of this information is available upon request. Information included on the Consumer Information page:

  • Academic Programs
  • Accrediting and Licensing Agencies
  • Alcohol and Drug Policy/Prevention Programs
  • Athletics Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data
  • Code of Conduct
  • Copyright Infringement Policy and Peer to Peer File Sharing Information
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Diversity – Student Body Diversity by Gender, Ethnicity, and Pell Grant Status
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Information
  • Employment and Graduate School Information for Recent UE Graduates
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations
  • Financial Aid Credit Balance Refund Policy
  • Financial Aid Information
  • General Information
  • Graduation Rates by gender, race and ethnicity, and selected financial aid groups
  • Graduation Rates for General Student Body
  • Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes
  • Grievance and Complaint Procedures
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Missing Person Protocol
  • Net Price Calculator
  • Program Closure Policy
  • Refund Policy and Return of Title IV Funds
  • Retention and Graduation Rates of Degree-Seeking, First-Time, Undergraduate Students
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Security and Fire Safety Report
  • Services and Facilities for Students with Disabilities
  • Student Loan Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge
  • Study Abroad
  • Teacher Preparation Accountability
  • Textbook Information
  • Transfer Policies on Credits that Transfer to UE
  • Transfer Articulation Agreement Partner Colleges
  • Vaccination Policies
  • Verification Policy
  • Veteran Information
  • Voter Registration Information
* UE Theatre New Works Festival Presented two Zoom Productions

UE Theatre presented two productions, via Zoom, last weekend, 1918: THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US, by Diana Burbano and directed by Dámaso Rodriguez, on Friday, Nov. 6, and FOR STEVE WOZNIAK, ON HIS 67th BIRTHDAY, written by Jiehae Park and directed by Nicole Watson, on Saturday, Nov. 7.

four people.

To supplement the education of theatre students this semester, the UE Theatre New Works Festival has been established as a project to allow for first-year, sophomore, and junior students to collaborate, via Zoom, with ten guest playwrights and directors on new plays throughout the course of the fall semester. Several of the productions will be recorded an made available for public viewing at a later date.

* UE Theatre Salon Series Welcomed Cameron Knight

This week’s installment of the UET Salon Series was held on Wednesday, Nov. 4, with Cameron Knight.


Cameron Knight is a freelance actor and director hailing from Flint, Michigan. His performance career has spanned across numerous genres, from Shakespeare and classical works to modern and contemporary drama. He has performed in many renowned theatres across the country, including The Kennedy Center and the Tony Award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival. On screen, Cameron has guest starred in Fox’s THE ORVILLE and NBC’s CHICAGO MED. He also has many film credits to his name and has done commercial and voice-over work for clients such as McDonalds, General Mills, and Kellogg’s. As a director, Cameron uses his experience as an actor to create forward-thinking theatrical pieces. He received his MFA from the Professional Theatre Training Program at the University of Delaware and now serves as an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Cameron directed MANDATE for UET’s New Works Festival this semester

This semester, UE Theatre students will have the opportunity to experience twelve workshops with professionals from the entertainment industry.

* Meal Plan Changes

Students can adjust meal plans for the Spring semester until Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Adjust your meal plan online. Changes will be reflected the next business day. Student can use this link to enter their meal plan change request -

* 2020 Employee Holiday Schedule

The University of Evansville will be closed during the holidays to allow our employees to enjoy this special time with their families, and this year, we extended the traditional winter holiday break by one week from the traditional . The following November – December – January holiday schedule will be observed:


  • Wednesday, November 25: Open (classes are scheduled, with offices open until 3 p.m.)
  • Thursday, November 26: Closed
  • Friday, November 27: Closed

Winter Holiday Break

  • Closed Wednesday, December 16 through Friday, January 1
  • Offices reopen Monday, January 4, 2020
* Volunteering to Make Decorations for International Bazaar


International Bazaar is looking for students to make decorations in the Moore Hall Basement from now until November 20th. Sign-up with a friend, make new ones, or take time to relax after a long school day, all while unleashing your inner artist! No previous skill required!

If you have any questions contact

* Orenda: The Art of Terra Kilgore

Painting, Drawings and Ceramic Art by Evansville Artist, Terra Kilgore. UE Krannert Gallery. October 11-November 25. A public reception for the Artist: Thursday, October 22, 6:30pm. (Masks and safe-distancing will be observed.) Artist: Thursday, October 22, 6:30pm. (Masks and safe-distancing will be observed.)

Emerging Contemporary Artist sponsored by the Efroymson Family Fund with the UE Dept. of Art.


I currently reside in Evansville, Indiana but I grew up on my family’s farm in Western Kentucky. That area would provide inspiration that I still use in my work today. I have many passions, but I have always been most passionate about is art, and art education. I studied art education at Murray State University and during this time was able to explore several art mediums to better teach a wide variety of art styles and techniques. I was always a shy, quiet child and learned at an early age to use art for my own expression and communication. Still, as an adult, I use art to communicate what I can’t in words. I am currently a middle school visual arts teacher. I feel it is important for growing children to explore their own feelings, opinions, and be able to express through the language of visual arts.

Artist Statement

Time constantly passes over us leaving behind the remains of what once was. My art largely deals with the passing of time and the commonality of times effect on everything and everybody. I explore time not being a beginning or an ending, but a never-ending cycle. An example of this idea is evident in my painting Rerum Gestarum (Events of Circumstance). Rerum Gestarum is about striving for solidarity and meaning in life, all with the acknowledgement of life’s unpredictable frailness and eventual physical ending, but still existing in time even after we are gone. Growing up on a farm, I was exposed to acres of nature, machinery, and livestock I would spend my time walking down fencerows, exploring creeks, and examining the life cycles of a farm. I was fascinated by expansive spaces, gnarled tree roots, abandoned grain-bins, rusted tools and the expendable livestock. All these things combined started my fascination with cycles of both living organisms and objects.

My earliest artistic influences stem from surrealist artists such as Dali, Magritte, and the organic style of art nouveau. My emphasis in college was clay where I learned and experimented with clay and glaze techniques and recipes. After college I quickly abandoned traditional firing techniques in place of a more primitive alternative pit firing. Much like with my paintings, I use the idea of leaving a fingerprint in time; a fossil. I fire organic material to “paint” a carbon image directly onto the clay’s surface.

My current style is largely influenced by artist, Ben Mahmoud, and his large acrylic paintings, specifically “The Retrospective”. Recurring themes in my work are items that are decayed or are associated with decay, icons of time, and viewing windows to show a moment in that particular time and space. I use recycled materials such as paint, newspaper, house siding, bones, and other organic material in most of my pottery, paintings, and jewelry. I recycle materials to add to an idea of items having a previous life, and being repurposed. I also utilize shadow boxes, focal points, and linear perspective to help guide what my work is trying to communicate to the viewer. I am interested in art that subtly tells a story using lighting, focal points, and or composition. I hope to continue experimenting with different mediums, and using my work to communicate with an ever changing society.

kilgore's art.



* UE Men's Basketball Student and Faculty/Staff & Administrator Ticket Update

In consultation with Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, the Vanderburgh County Health Department, the local health care community, and VenuWorks, the seating capacity at the Ford Center for the upcoming University of Evansville 2020-21 men's basketball season has been further restricted.

The Ford Center attendee capacity shall abide by Governor Holcomb’s current state-wide order of limiting large gatherings to 500 attendees or less without written exception from the local health department. In compliance with current CDC standards, the previously developed and approved “pod seating” social distancing plan shall be instituted to all attendees.

This decision was largely based on the rise in COVID-19 cases in Southwest Indiana, the local positivity rate of COVID-19 cases, the increasing census rate at Vanderburgh County hospitals and the overall health and well-being of the Evansville community.

Ford Center attendees shall be comprised of a limited number of UE students, home and visiting team families and guests as determined by the NCAA and the Missouri Valley Conference, designated game day personnel, current Aces Assist Club Members, and other contractually obligated partners. No tickets will be available for sale at this time. We are committed to further evaluating seating capacity with our community partners should circumstance permit reconsideration.

100 student tickets will be made available in advance of each home game. All student tickets will continue to be complimentary. This season, tickets must be claimed from the Carson Center ticket office in advance of the game. Specific ticket pickup dates and times will be provided via Ace Notes throughout the season. A valid UE student ID will be required when picking up your ticket and your ticket and student ID must be presented upon entry at the Ford Center – admission shall not be granted without a valid student ID. Students shall be permitted to sit in pods of up to 6 but must claim their tickets with the party they wish to sit with (all members of party must be present at pickup).

Due to capacity limitations, no complimentary tickets are currently available to current or retired faculty, staff and administrators. Should capacity restrictions be reduced, ticket availability shall be re-evaluated.

All UE men’s basketball home games will be broadcast on the Old National Bank Radio Network on 107.1 WJPS and televised on The Valley on ESPN with select games available on CBS Sports Network or Fox Sports Midwest.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding of this challenging situation and hope to have our fans back in full force for the 2021-22 UE men’s basketball season.

Please direct any questions to the University of Evansville ticket office at 812-488-2237.


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