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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

* Share your holiday traditions and greetings!

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and our fall semester is quickly coming to a close! As you prepare to head home for the holidays, UE wants to know: what is your favorite holiday tradition?

The University would like to feature a video sharing the holiday traditions of students around the world and in America, and we need your help! If you'd like to be included in this project, please record a video sharing your favorite tradition. Our students and faculty come from diverse backgrounds, and the holiday season is a great time to learn about cultures and traditions!

Additionally, if you are an international student or come from a multicultural background, we would like to learn more about your holiday greetings. Please record a short video sharing your holiday greetings in your native language and UE will create a video showing holiday messages from around the world!

All videos can be uploaded to a designated OneDrive folder. You may also provide a link to the file on OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive and email Please upload all videos by Wednesday, November 18!

Some video guidelines to keep in mind when recording:

  • Film your video horizontally (wide screen)
  • Don't record your video extremely closeup (in case cropping is necessary)
  • Leave a 2 or 3-second gap before you start speaking so your voice isn't cut off in the videos
  • If you choose to record outside, make sure there is no wind noise or other sounds in the background

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Bryant, university relations coordinator, at


COVID-19 Corner

* Been positive for COVID-19? You can still get it again! Stay safe, Aces.

Per the CDC, It is still unknown how long the antibodies protect someone from reinfection. Therefore, prevention practices must be practiced even if someone has recovered.


Upcoming Events

* IM Badminton Tournament

The intramural department is hosting a double's badminton tournament, Thursday November 12th at 7:00pm. The tournament will take place in the fitness center, all participants must wear a mask and maintain distance before, during, and prior to the event. If interested, visit to sign up your team, or contact the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports, Drew at

* This Week with Student Christian Fellowship

1) FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6 - FOCUS (SCF's Monthly Worship Gathering)
• This Friday @ 5pm in Neu Chapel
• Join us for fellowship, musical worship, and Biblically-based teaching

2) FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6 - S'more Fun
• Following our FOCUS gathering we will be having a time of bonfire and S'mores
• This Friday @ 7:30 at (3012 Oak St. Evansville, IN)

3) SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7 - 12 Hour Prayer Vigil (Virtual) for Peace and Unity
• Pray with us for our country, for our city, and for our campus that there be unity and peace in this time of turmoil and strife
• Join us and sign-up for a 15 minute time slot (or more) this Saturday from 7am-7pm

* Support Physical Therapy Club's Thanksgiving Food Drive


UE’s PT Club is sponsoring a Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive to support our neighbors in need. The food items will be donated to the Food Pantry at St. Mary and John Catholic Church in downtown Evansville. Collection sites are the 1st floor of Graves Hall and the 3rd floor of Stone Center through November 19 by Noon. The items needed are canned green beans, corn, baked beans, instant potatoes, mac & cheese, oatmeal, pasta, rice, canned fruit, and creamy peanut butter.

The St. Mary Food Pantry opened its doors more than 20 years ago when the parish realized the great need to provide food for the hungry in downtown Evansville. They began by assisting a few families each month. Since then, the Food Pantry has grown tremendously, now assisting more than 250 households per month.

* This Week in Newman Club

Check out what Newman Catholic Club is up to this week! All are welcome!

Newman Night:
Fr. Tyler Tenbarge and Sister Jessica Vitente will be answering questions about vocations you may have. Wednesday (11/4) at 7pm in Eykamp.
*First FIVE people will get a tshirt!*

Catholic Mass:
Mass in Neu Chapel resumes! Sunday (11/8) at 1pm in Neu Chapel.

Small Group:
Annie Sheridan's small group's theme is Fear Not: How to Live Fully in Christ. Tuesdays 7pm at Newman House*.
Lesley Gerster and Michaela Kunkler's small group's theme is Pope John Paul's Letters to Women. Thursdays 7:30pm at Newman House.

Liturgy of the Hour:
Join for prayer at the Newman House* at 6:30pm on Thursdays.

Participate in the Rosary on Sundays after mass at 2pm at the Newman House.

Pick up your FREE spiritual books outside outside the Newman House* lawn. These will be available all day Thursday and 8:30am-1pm on Friday.

*Newman House: 1901 Lincoln Ave

Want to be updated about Newman and become a member?! Follow us on instagram at ue_newman and become a member using the link

qr code.

* I-House New Zealand

This week in I-House we have Jayme-Lee Hunter. She is a senior soccer player majoring in civil engineering. Born in New Zealend, she loves drinking coffee and staying outdoors. Her favorite part of UE is the community that fill the university she chose to play to with life. Join us and learn more about New Zealand and Jayme on Eykamp 253 at 7pm on Wednesday November 1st!

* Louisville Mega Caverns on Nov. 7

The Venturing Crew has organized an excursion into the Louisville Mega Caverns. This event is open to the entire UE community with a fee of $40. There will be high ropes, underground zip-lining, and lots of friends and memories to make. Sign up on UEngage before November 4, 2020. If you have any queries, contact


* UEvents Online Series-Lecture Event – The Neuroscience of Stress and Resilience During a COVID-19 Holiday Season by Lora Becker, PhD

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
6:00 p.m. CST

lora becker.

We look forward to the winter holidays when we gather with friends and family to reflect on the year and share the joy of the season.

This is also a time that can be very stressful! All of the planning, negotiations, family disagreements, and loss of loved ones can make this season of joy quickly turn into a season of anxiety and stress.

This year is bringing a new challenge to the holiday season, COVID-19. In this lecture, Lora Becker, PhD, will explain our human stress response and provide suggestions, backed by neuroscience findings, on how to bolster resilience so that we can enjoy our traditions, if not in the most traditional way.

Register at

* UE goes to the Louisville Mega Caverns

The Venturing Crew has organized an excursion into the Louisville Mega Caverns. There will be high ropes, underground zip-lining, and lots of friends and memories to make. Sign up on UEngage before November 4, 2020. If you have any queries, contact

ziplining in a cavern.


Info You Should Know

* New Gerontology Course Offered for Spring 2021

Looking for a course for the spring? Consider the new Gerontology course: GT 411- Aging and Elders in Film! This course will explore the ways that films reflect and create social constructs for later life, examine biases and stereotypes, and analyze film’s depiction and construction of aging across the life course through an intersectional lens of gender, class, race and ethnicity, (dis)ability, and sexual orientation.

GT 411- Aging and Elders in Film satisfies one of the requirements for the Gerontology Certificate. For more information, please contact Dr. Mari Plikuhn, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Gerontology Center, at

* Depression and Anxiety Research Survey

Minka Gill, Ariana Paredes, and Sophie Toth have been working on a Neuropharmacology project for the entirety of this semester. They would like the students at the University of Evansville to take a survey regarding mental health.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

* Mental Health Seminar: Impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of UE students


The senior nursing students are hosting a mental health seminar. This seminar will take place on November 5th in SOBA 170 from 6-7pm. The seminar will cover topics including: how COVID has impacted mental health, available resources, personal experiences, what to look for in a friend that may be experiencing mental illness, and things to do during social isolation. If you have an interest in attending this seminar please sign up on UE engage or use this link to sign up If you go to sign up and there are no more seats available the seminar will be available on zoom due to the limited number of people allowed in the same room. Please contact Alexis Welte (AW422) with any questions or if you are in need of the zoom link.

* Fall Healthy Behavior Challenge- The Great Start-Up

Sign up for the fall healthy behavior challenge today! Email to register for this 8 week challenge. This new challenge is focused on starting your day on the right foot for a successful, healthy day to follow! Participants can earn $150.00 in HRA credits. Challenge will run 11/8/2020- 01/08/2021.

* Changelab Habitat

The neuromarketing lab is conducting a survey for the Habitat for Humanity organization. We are looking for responses to various taglines. The survey will be given through Qualtrics and will ask to record for your visual reaction. Your video will only be for the purpose of this research and will not be shown or distributed to anyone besides the neuromarketing research team. The survey is worth 3 extra credit points. The deadline to complete the survey will be November 5 by the end of the day.

Contact Brittani Bullock, and Lora Becker to participate.

* Make a Difference and Get Class Credit

Changelab logo.

Don’t wait until you graduate – make a difference now! Check out the list of ChangeLab courses available for the Spring semester. For more information, visit

* 2021-2022 FAFSA is Open

File the 2021-22 FAFSA by April 15 at

Continuing students should file the 2021-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for federal, state and University need-based financial aid, including all federal student loans. UE's FAFSA code is 001795.

Filing by April 15 is essential for Indiana residents to receive state aid, and highly recommended for all.

Questions regarding the FAFSA should be directed to the Student Financial Services (Olmsted Administration Hall, Room 105) at 812-488-2364.

* Winter Intersession Courses

Get ahead by taking Winter Intersession online courses. Complete a missing required course, lighten your spring load, and take advantage of the longer winter break. Classes run December 10, 2020 to January 15, 2021, and students may take up to two courses. Discuss it with your advisor and begin registration November 2, 2020.

Check out the list of courses.

Winter Intersession Courses

Winter Intersession Courses
ACCT 398 3 Internship in Accounting Morgan
ACCT 211 3 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Taylor
ART 105 3 Introduction to the Visual Arts Larmann
ASTR 101 3 Descriptive Astronomy Braun
AT 180 3 Introduction to Athletic Training Tilly
BIOL 107 4 General Biology Aldred
BUS 100 3 Introduction to Business Fenton J
BUS 398 3 Internship in Business Morgan
CHEM 103 3 Chemistry of Adult Beverages Miller
CHEM 118 4 Principles of Chemistry Miller-Morong
COMM 380 3 Intercultural Communication Thomlison
COMM 130 3 Introduction to Communication Wandel
COMM 221 3 Media Writing Wandel
COMM 333 3 News Copyediting Wandel
ECON 101 3 Principles of Macroeconomics Bayar
ECON 102 3 Principles of Microeconomics Bayar
ECON 398 3 Internship in Economics Morgan
ES 103 3 Fundamentals of Environmental Science Thananatthanachon
ETH/PHIL 121 3 Introduction to Ethics Kretz
EXSS 150 2 Introduction to Health Sciences Laughbaum
EXSS 320 3 Nutrition for Performance and Health Rodd
EXSS 488 1-2 Internship Rodd
EXSS 488 TBD Internship Wilson
FIN 361 3 Fundamentals of Finance Brockman C
FIN 478 3 Risk Management Khan
GEOL 130 3 Environmental Geology Swenty
GT 225 3 Lifespan Development Hennon
HSA 405/505 3 Health Care Systems Stroube
HSA 498/529 1 Health Service Field Experience Stroube
LAW 201 3 Legal Environment of Business Fenton
LSCM 350 3 Humanitarian Logistics Obaze
MATH 105 3 College Algebra Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 134 3 Surveys of Calculus Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 221 4 Calculus 1 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 222 4 Calculus 2 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 323 4 Calculus 3 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 324 3 Differential Equations Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 365 3 Probability Gruenwald
MGT 497 3 Global Strategic Management Fenton H
MGT 377 3 Organizational Behavior Fenton H
MGT 331 3 International Business Strategy Fox
MUS 156 3 Music in America Strandberg
NEUR 125 3 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience Campese
NUTR 304 3 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies Rea
PH 190 3 Introduction to Public Health Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 195 3 Global Health Issues Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 488 1-3 Internship Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 598 1-3 Public Health Practicum Patel-Dovlatabadi
PHYS 121 4 Algebra Physics 1 (includes lab(121L)) Stamm
PSCI 100 3 World Politics Kim
PSYC 121 3 Introduction to Psychology Campese
PSYC 245 4 Statistics for Psychologists Campese
PSYC 225 3 Lifespan Development Hennon
PSYC 226 3 Child and Adolescent Psychology Hennon
PSYC 229 3 Social Psychology Stevenson
PSYC 320 3 Psychology and the Law Stevenson
PSYC 431 3 Stereotyping, Racism, and Prejudice Stevenson
QM 227 3 Introduction to Statistics Khormali
REL 212 3 Living World Religions Gupta
SOC 105 3 Introduction to Sociology Plikuhn
SOC 230 3 Social Problems in the Modern World Plikuhn
SOC 350 3 Popular Culture Plikuhn
SPAN 211 3 Intermediate Spanish 1 Rodriguez Quevedo
STAT 166 1 Introduction to R for Data Science Weber




* Professor Kretz's Book "Ethics, Emotion, Education, and Empowerment" Just Released

Universities teach courses in ethics, but do they teach students how to be ethical in practice? Lisa Kretz’s Ethics, Emotion, Education, and Empowerment explores the ways that philosophical ethics are currently taught and argues that dominant approaches fail to adequately support ethical action, in part because emotions are all too often ignored or repressed in university classrooms. In isolation, abstract theoretical content fails to motivate. The ability to reason through an ethical dilemma does not, by itself, of necessity impact ethical action. Empowered action requires intentional emotional engagement. Kretz argues that part of the reason affective pedagogy fails to get sufficient uptake is due to the operations of oppression. There is a long history of the reason-emotion dualism undermining recognition of the necessary and valuable epistemic roles emotions play in moral life, and serving as a political tactic to undermine the experience of oppressed groups. This impoverishes ethical pedagogy because it is to the detriment of teacher's abilities to teach ethics in a comprehensive way and strips the potential of supporting students to enact their own reflectively held ethical beliefs and values. Using the example of the environmental crisis, Kretz makes a case for supporting students as engaged activists aware of their capacity to ethically change the world. Available for purchase through Barnes and Noble,

Roman & Littlefield Press, and Amazon. In the Acknowledgements Professor Kretz notes: "My students--all of you--thank you for inspiring me, teaching me, and perpetually keeping me on my toes. It is a responsibility, privilege, and gift to teach and learn with you."

* Edwards Publishes Research Article

Dale Edwards, professor and chair of biology, recently published a peer-reviewed research article in the Journal of Parasitology. The article titled "Host Diversity Affects Parasite Diversity: A Case Study Involving Unionicola spp. Inhabiting Freshwater Mussels" is available in the October issue of the journal.

* Congratulations to the Civil Engineering Scholarship Recipients

Five UE civil engineering students received the 2020 Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana (APAI) scholarship.

  • Robert Coulter (Civil Engineering Sophomore)
  • Holli Buretta (Civil Engineering Senior)
  • Leta Bassett (Civil Engineering Senior)
  • Reid McIntire (Civil Engineering Senior)
  • Dalton Selvidge (Civil Engineering Senior)

The APAI Scholarship Program exists to financially assist students enrolled at Indiana colleges and universities majoring in civil engineering, construction management or construction technology and who have an interest in a career in the heavy/highway or asphalt construction industry. The scholarship recipients were selected after interviewed by the APAI scholarship committee. The scholarship award will be presented during the 2020 Virtual APAI Winter Conference.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients.


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