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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

* Get your flu shot and be a #FluFighter!

Getting a flu shot is an important step for protecting yourself and your fellow Aces from getting the flu this season. With COVID-19 still a concern and living in a residential community, this precaution becomes more important than ever, especially as it can help keep valuable resources available to those with COVID-19.

Flu shots are not required by the University, but strongly recommended. This year, flu shots are FREE for all students, as well as employees and their dependents enrolled in UE health insurance. Employees not covered by UE health insurance may receive a flu shot for $20. You always have the option to get your flu shot from your primary care provider or choose the best location or provider for your health.

Learn more and schedule your appointment today at

* Make Your Vote Count

UE will hold classes on election day, November 3.

Absentee Ballot:

You MUST vote in the county where you are registered. If you will not be able to vote in person, remember to request an absentee ballot! You must make a request for an absentee ballot for every election.

Indiana residents can pick up an absentee ballot request form from Karyssa Vasquez in her office at the Ridgeway Center on second floor. All US residents can obtain an absentee ballot request form at Absentee ballot requests must be mailed to the County Clerk of the county where you are registered.

Absentee ballot requests must be received in Indiana no later than midnight on Thursday, October 22.

Remember to pick up two stamps and one envelope so that you can mail your absentee ballot request (stamp and envelope required) and then complete and mail your absentee ballot when it is mailed to you (secure, state approved envelope provided, stamp required).

Absentee ballots must be received by noon on Monday, November 2.

Where to Vote in Person if you are registered locally:

Vanderburgh County: Go to, Voter Registration

Warrick County:

Karyssa Vasquez


Upcoming Events

* Newman Catholic Club Events This Week

Open House

Head on over to the Newman Center for an open house event this Wednesday from 2-6pm! Bring your books to study or just come to hangout with us or just drop on by.

Catholic Mass

Church #3 on our Church Tour is Holy Spirit! Join us at 9 AM mass at Holy Spirit Catholic Church on 1800 Lodge Ave, Evansville.

Liturgy of the Hours

Join Newman Club at Liturgy of the Hours! Join us Thursdays at 7PM at the Newman House (1901 Lincoln Ave).

Rosary Group

Join Newman Club at Rosary Group! Join us on Sundays at 2PM at the Newman Center.

Small Group

Join Newman Club at a small group! Check out the form to learn more about the small groups and to sign up to join.

Busy Person Retreat

Sign up for the Busy Person Retreat with Newman Club! Check out the form to learn more about this retreat and to sign up.

Want to be updated about Newman and become a member?! Follow us on instagram at ue_newman and become a member.

Newman Club member sign up QR code.

* Prof. Kaiser to Deliver Zoom Lecture on Archaeology of Tin City

The Secret Life a Tin City Bead

Tin City on campus.

In October of 2017, while excavating near Moore Residence Hall, two archaeology majors at the University of Evansville uncovered a glass bead that was less than one centimeter long. For several years students from the Department of Archaeology and Art History have been uncovering evidence for College Courts Apartments, student housing built in 1946 for veterans attending Evansville College on the GI Bill and their families. The military-surplus buildings were not as stately as their name implies leading contemporary students to dub the aluminum-clad residences “Tin City.” The university administration tore down the buildings in 1962 to make way for the construction of Moore Residence Hall and Wheeler Auditorium, burying a surprising amount of evidence about evolving attitudes towards gender and class in post-war Evansville and America. Amid the thousands of artifacts students have uncovered, however, that one tiny glass bead stands out. Learn about the circuitous, decades-long journey it took from where it was created in Czechoslovakia to where it was finally lost, and ultimately found again, by two sharp-eyed UE students.

Wednesday, October 7, 7-8 pm CST. The event is FREE but registration is required at

* Crick Lecture via Zoom Wednesday, October 7, 3:30p.m. All are weclome!

Everyone welcome to hear Dr. Margaret Gill speak on the Impact of Differential Rearing on Cocaine Addiction

Abstract: Early environmental experience impacts susceptibility to drug abuse later in life. Rearing rats in enriched (EC) or impoverished (IC) conditions results in rearing-induced neurobiological, neurochemical, and behavioral changes. In particular, rats reared in an enriched condition (EC) following weaning exhibit a protective effect, as EC rats are less reactant to the rewarding properties of psychostimulant drugs at low doses, and self-administer less drug than rats reared in an impoverished condition. The overarching goal of my laboratory is to elucidate the mechanisms responsible for the protective effect that develops during enrichment rearing, and to apply this knowledge to the development of new therapeutic treatments. In particular, we are interested in the glutamatergic pathway from the infralimbic cortex (IL) to the nucleus accumbens shell (NAshell); areas implicated in extinction and suppression of cocaine seeking. Work in our lab shows that activation of the IL-NAshell pathway attenuates cocaine seeking behavior in IC but not EC rats, further implicating this pathway in EC and IC differences.

* Wellness Wednesday

Stop by Ridgway University Center to visit the Relaxation Stations being hosted by Counseling Services, Resident Student Association, and the Student Activities Board from 11am – 2pm. The day’s activities include Yoga on the East Terrace Lawn, giveaways, movie night, and more!

Please RSVP on UEngage for Yoga at 10am or follow along on Facebook live (University of Evansville Fitness Center page).

* Socially Distant Fall Festival 2020

Are you bummed that the 2020 Fall Festival was canceled this year? Well, there is no need to worry when the next time you will be able to get a Donut Bank burger because many of the non-profit organizations will be holding their own fall fest booths around the Evansville area! Beginning this weekend and continuing throughout the first week of October organizations will be turning on the fryers, baking the cobblers, and getting ready to satisfy the hungry!

View a complete list of organizations and their locations.

Fall festival flyer.


Info You Should Know

* October Wellness Newsletter

The October Wellness Newsletter is now available! In this month's installment we discuss the topics of self-care and tips for getting active with running.

Email Jennifer Hargus at with future wellness newsletter topic suggestions

* The Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion needs your help in understanding our privilege through the Privilege Project!

The Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is hosting the Privilege Project on Wednesday, October 7th. Stop by Eykamp Hall anytime between 11am and 1pm to participate.

The project is designed to educate people on the unique privileges that everyone possesses as well as the issues that individuals in different marginalized groups face.

Come learn more about how to use our privilege for good and help us in displaying our campus community’s privilege.

COVID guidelines and precautions will be in effect. Masks are required and social distancing will be enforced.

Email Jaylen Brown at with any questions.

This event has been approved by the Center for Student Engagement.

* Exploring and Adding Majors and Minors

Are you interested in changing your major or adding a double major? Are you curious about minors and looking to add one?

Advising Week is coming up on October 26 and all of us in Academic Services, Academic Affairs, and The Center for Career Development would like to help support and connect you to the different departments offering majors and minors that you might be interested in.

Take the Academic Interest Survey.

Need a Major, Want a Minor and get started in the process today! The survey will be available from 10/5/20 thru 10/19/20.

* October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The Office of Institutional Equity and the Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be posting newsletters regarding information on domestic abuse each week during the month of October.

You can find the newsletters here:

This week check out our newsletter on the history of Domestic Violence Awareness month and learn how to be an advocate for ending intimate partner violence.

If you have any further questions, email Jaylen Brown at

* Winter Intersession Courses

Get ahead by taking Winter Intersession online courses. Complete a missing required course, lighten your spring load, and take advantage of the longer winter break. Classes run December 10, 2020 to January 15, 2021, and students may take up to two courses. Discuss it with your advisor and begin registration November 2, 2020.

Check out the list of courses.

Winter Intersession Courses

Winter Intersession Courses
ACCT 398 3 Internship in Accounting Morgan
ACCT 211 3 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Taylor
ART 105 3 Introduction to the Visual Arts Larmann
ASTR 101 3 Descriptive Astronomy Braun
AT 180 3 Introduction to Athletic Training Tilly
BIOL 107 4 General Biology Aldred
BUS 100 3 Introduction to Business Fenton J
BUS 398 3 Internship in Business Morgan
CHEM 103 3 Chemistry of Adult Beverages Miller
CHEM 118 4 Principles of Chemistry Miller-Morong
COMM 380 3 Intercultural Communication Thomlison
COMM 130 3 Introduction to Communication Wandel
COMM 221 3 Media Writing Wandel
COMM 333 3 News Copyediting Wandel
ECON 101 3 Principles of Macroeconomics Bayar
ECON 102 3 Principles of Microeconomics Bayar
ECON 398 3 Internship in Economics Morgan
ES 103 3 Fundamentals of Environmental Science Thananatthanachon
ETH/PHIL 121 3 Introduction to Ethics Kretz
EXSS 150 2 Introduction to Health Sciences Laughbaum
EXSS 320 3 Nutrition for Performance and Health Rodd
EXSS 488 1-2 Internship Rodd
EXSS 488 TBD Internship Wilson
FIN 361 3 Fundamentals of Finance Brockman C
FIN 478 3 Risk Management Khan
GEOL 130 3 Environmental Geology Swenty
GT 225 3 Lifespan Development Hennon
HSA 405/505 3 Health Care Systems Stroube
HSA 498/529 1 Health Service Field Experience Stroube
LAW 201 3 Legal Environment of Business Fenton
LSCM 350 3 Humanitarian Logistics Obaze
MATH 105 3 College Algebra Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 134 3 Surveys of Calculus Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 221 4 Calculus 1 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 222 4 Calculus 2 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 323 4 Calculus 3 Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 324 3 Differential Equations Dwyer-Salminen
MATH 365 3 Probability Gruenwald
MGT 497 3 Global Strategic Management Fenton H
MGT 377 3 Organizational Behavior Fenton H
MGT 331 3 International Business Strategy Fox
MUS 156 3 Music in America Strandberg
NEUR 125 3 Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience Campese
NUTR 304 3 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies Rea
PH 190 3 Introduction to Public Health Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 195 3 Global Health Issues Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 488 1-3 Internship Patel-Dovlatabadi
PH 598 1-3 Public Health Practicum Patel-Dovlatabadi
PHYS 121 4 Algebra Physics 1 (includes lab(121L)) Stamm
PSCI 100 3 World Politics Kim
PSYC 121 3 Introduction to Psychology Campese
PSYC 245 4 Statistics for Psychologists Campese
PSYC 225 3 Lifespan Development Hennon
PSYC 226 3 Child and Adolescent Psychology Hennon
PSYC 229 3 Social Psychology Stevenson
PSYC 320 3 Psychology and the Law Stevenson
PSYC 431 3 Stereotyping, Racism, and Prejudice Stevenson
QM 227 3 Introduction to Statistics Khormali
REL 212 3 Living World Religions Gupta
SOC 105 3 Introduction to Sociology Plikuhn
SOC 230 3 Social Problems in the Modern World Plikuhn
SOC 350 3 Popular Culture Plikuhn
SPAN 211 3 Intermediate Spanish 1 Rodriguez Quevedo
STAT 166 1 Introduction to R for Data Science Weber


* Library Open Until Midnight

That's right! The library is now open until midnight Sunday-Thursday. For all the library's hours, go to

* Winter Intersession Financial Aid

If you are seeking financial aid to help pay for Winter Intersession courses at UE, please submit the Winter Intersession Application to the Office of Student Financial Services by November 16, 2020. Our office will help you examine your options for aid, which in most cases is limited to loans.

* Display Cases in the Library

Do you have a club you want people to know about? Do you have an event you want others to attend? How about showing off your class work? If you said YES, then the Library has a display case for you! Contact Julie Wilson at or (812) 488-1062 for more information or to make a reservation.

* Wellness Wednesday Relaxation Stations

Join the Office of Counseling Services, with the partnership of RSA and SAB, on Wellness Wednesday October 7th for a time to de-stress! There will be various stations set up on the first floor of Ridgway from 11am-2pm to aid in overall wellness. We will offer wellness giveaways, an option to make your own bottle of aromatherapy, and receive some general wellness resources.

Hope to see you there!



* Margaret Stevenson Interviewed by Chicago's WGN Morning News About Recently Published Book

The recent widespread growth of The Black Lives Matter movement reflects increasing societal attention to criminal justice practices that disproportionately target minorities, including lethal shootings. In turn, the nation may be uniquely poised to receive and act upon relevant social scientific research to end these circumstances.

On Friday, Margaret Stevenson, Associate Professor of Psychology, was interviewed by Chicago’s WGN Morning News, about her recently published Oxford University Press book, “The Legacy of Racism for Children: Psychology, Law, and Public Policy.”

During the interview, Dr. Stevenson discussed research reviewed in the book regarding the nature of minority (especially African American) overrepresentation within the criminal justice system, the pathways starting in childhood that lead to criminal justice involvement (e.g., the school-to-prison pipeline), the psychological mechanisms implicated, and the potential changes in policy and law that could interrupt these outcomes.

Watch the full interview.

* Heidi Strobel Presents Virtual Conference Paper

Heidi Strobel (virtually) presented "Mary Linwood, Embroidery, and Artistic Agency" on 10/2/20 at the Inspired Needle Conference hosted by the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library in Winterthur, Delaware. The paper is part of a manuscript that will be published later on this year by Bloomsbury.


Harlaxton Happenings

* Harlaxton Summer 2021 Update

Harlaxton is pleased to announce updates to our Summer 2021 program. We are hopeful that the summer term will be a busy one and have many student ready to travel again. It is also the start of our 50th year of Harlaxton and UE, so a special time indeed!

In anticipation of a large summer 2021 cohort, we have made improvements to the program. I want to share the main points below.

  • There are now two summer sessions- May 23- June 23 is session 1 and July 4 – August 4 is session 2.
  • Students can take either session or both. Students who stay for both sessions will have a break between the sessions. There is an optional trip in this break, or students can travel independently.
  • Student can take courses or an internship in Session 2.
  • Students can take 6 hours in either session. Classes are now organized where there is no overlap in teaching or field excursions.
  • Students can now take British Studies in the summer! British Studies is organized into a history course in the first session and an English course in the second session. This would allow students to take one or both and have a version of our most loved experience. It will also count for their outcomes and writing across the curriculum.
  • A Britrail pass is now included for our students. This will allow for more experiential learning as well as added benefits for our students seeing the UK.

Applications for summer 2021 are open now.

Students can apply online.

View the courses and more information.


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