Parking Permits are available on-line. No need to walk to the Office of Public Safety, fill out any paperwork or wait in line for your permit!

How do I register for a Parking Permit?
You can register for your Parking Permit through the UE Self-Service portal using your UE username and password.  The Parking Permits link is under “UE Forms.”  Click on the menu icon (upper left hand corner)  >  UE Forms >  Employee > Parking Permits.    If you need assistance with accessing self-service, please contact OTS help desk at (812) 488-2077.

How much does a Parking Permit cost and how do I pay for it?
Parking Permits are $50 and can be paid through a quick and easy on-line payroll deduction of $10 installments over five pay periods or by cash/check at the cashier window in Student Financial Services, Olmsted 105.

What is the process for applying and paying for a Parking Permit?
Employees will go to the appropriate link on UE Self-Service (see instructions above) and follow the processes for registering a vehicle.  Once you have registered your vehicle and enrolled for payroll deduction, stop by the cashier window in Student Financial Services and pick up your Parking Permit.  That’s all there is to it!

What if I don’t want to do payroll deduction?
If you opt to pay cash/check at Student Accounts, you will still need to register your vehicle on self-service.  Then you will need to print out the registration confirmation sheet and take it to the cashier window in Student Financial Services.  The cashier will take your payment, mark your confirmation sheet as paid, and issue your permit.  Be advised:  If you choose to pay cash/check, the process will take a little longer to prepare the transactions.

What if I am a President’s Club member or have a UE license plate - does that make a difference?
President’s Club members are asked to register their vehicles on-line simply for the purposes of being able to provide timely information in the event of an emergency (ie.  Someone has damaged your vehicle and we need to notify you).  President’s Club stickers will be distributed via the Office of Development upon confirmation of the donation.

Discounts for UE license plates are only valid if the plate is active at the time of permit registration.  There are no discounts or refunds once the permit is assigned. The discounted fee for employees who have UE license plates is $25.

Where do I pick up my Permit?
Parking Permits will be distributed at Student Financial Services.  We strongly encourage all employees to apply and pick up their Parking Permits Wednesday, August 12th thru Friday, August 21, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. to avoid the rush of the distribution of Student Parking Permits.

If you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact the Office of Public Safety at 812-488-2051.