The Coronavirus Health Care Taskforce has been preparing for our return to campus and working carefully to implement a safe return for our entire community. The UE Campus will reopen Wednesday, August 12 with following guidelines:

• Summer hours will end, and offices will resume normal office hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

• All academic and administrative buildings and offices will be open but will include staggered workforce and established safety guidelines.

• Connect with your supervisor, area vice president or dean on work area scheduling for schedules prior to and after campus reopens.

• Fitness Center will remain closed, but staff will be working diligently to reopen as soon as safety guidelines have been implemented.

• A mix of in-person and online instruction with an altered Fall 2020 Academic Calendar.

• With this change in schedule Labor Day will not be a paid holiday. Employees will work on September 7, 2020 unless using a vacation day.

All members of the UE community are responsible for protecting not only themselves, but also the other members of the community. The culture of safety is a commitment by everyone to follow the guidelines set forth in the plan.

Below are the steps for employees to follow regarding returning to work:

Step 1. Schedule. Connect with your supervisor, area vice president or dean on your in-person and remote working schedule.

Step 2. Training. All employees are expected to complete the Blackboard course titled Aces COVID-19 Training for Faculty, Administrators, and Staff before returning to offices. 

Step 3. Daily Screenings. Before you arrive to campus (each day), complete the screening campus check-in.

Step 4. Be Safe. Wear your required masks or face coverings, observe enhanced personal hygiene practices (i.e. frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use), adhere to safe social distancing practices, and follow all safety instructions and signage. See the full campus opening guidelines available on the website.

Step 5. Report. Monitor and self-report all COVID-19 symptoms and self-isolate if feeling ill.

Step 6. Support. The entire campus community is expected to be supportive and collaborative and follow the established guidelines. It is our shared responsibility to keep our entire community safe.

More information will be released in the next few weeks regarding implementing personal safety equipment, receiving your employee mask, additional guidelines and the final Stage 4 of the Reopening Plan. Until this information is available, please reference the current plan and information available on our Coronavirus webpage