Due to budget constrictions, effective June 1, 2019, the Distribution Services area of Copy Services (CS) is being eliminated.  This decision prompts the opportunity to relocate the two production copiers to two campus locations for departmental staff access along with a period of transition/change in three phases. In addition to the transition and relocation of the production copiers, there will be a reduction in the number of campus satellite copiers occurring over the next several weeks.

Please review the following information which includes Phased Copier Transitions/Changes, Training for Production Copiers, Copy Options, and Copy Guidelines of Changes.

Phased Copier Transitions/Changes

Phase I:  Closure of Copy Services Effective June 1, 2019. 
Following the closure of CS, anyone with copy requests, will be responsible for handling their copy requirements and arrangements themselves (see Copy Options below).

Phase II: Relocation of (2) Production Copiers
During Phase II, the Production copiers and related equipment will transition/relocate to the following campus locations:

CS Production Copiers Campus Relocation Site
Large Black/White Copier (D125) OH 2nd Floor (Rm 231)
Color Copier (C70) KC 2nd Floor

CS equipment preparation/removal/relocation may begin as early as Thursday, May 30.  This transition is expected to take a few days to complete. However, these dates are subject to change pending vendor confirmation. Please watch for related information to be announced in AceNotes and on the Copy Services website in AceLink.

Phase III: Reduction of Satellite Copier Fleet
Phase III will include the reduction of the satellite copier fleet in July at the conclusion of current leases. The following satellite copiers will be reduced/removed with suggested alternate satellite copier locations as indicated below:

Satellite Copier Reduction Alternative/Replacement Copier Locations
Olmsted 1st Floor, Admission OH231 (Production Black/White)
Olmsted 2nd Floor OH231 (Production Black/White)
Olmsted 3rd Floor OH231 (Production Black/White)
Koch 2nd Floor Hallway  KC 2nd Floor hallway (Production Color) 
Koch 3rd Floor Hallway  KC 2nd Floor hallway (Production Color) 
Igleheart Basement  Igleheart (previously relocated from 2004 Lincoln)


Training for Production Copiers
Following production copier relocations, copier training will be scheduled for those interested in learning more about using the production equipment.  Watch for training announcements via AceNotes and the Copy Services website on AceLink. Those interested in training may email distributionservices@evansville.edu.

Copy Options
In lieu of the traditional Copy Services Request, individuals can now use their authorized access copy code on any campus copier.

Option 1:  Utilize a Satellite Copier
While a reduction in the number of satellite copiers is occurring, satellite and production copiers are available in the following locations on campus:

Satellite Copier Locations (8):

  1. Carson Center
  2. Hyde Hall, 2nd Floor
  3. Ridgway Center, 2nd Floor
  4. Fine Arts
  5. Koch Center, 2nd Floor
  6. SOBA, 1st Floor
  7. Graves Hall, 2nd Floor
  8. Olmsted Hall, OH231

Anyone with an authorized access copy code may utilize these machines.

Option 2:  Utilize a Relocated Production Copier
Relocated Production copiers and equipment will be available using access codes to meet a variety of copy needs beyond routine copy job requirements (large and small quantities, manuals, posters, binding, etc.). 

Additional equipment includes a shrink wrapper, cutter, document shaker, and spiral binder that will also be in OH 231 with the black/white production copier.

Option 3: Utilize a Local Vendor
Local vendors such as Office Depot Print/Copy Shop may be used for copy jobs that do not require Office of Content Design or Marketing approval. For example, large student project posters.

Note: The Office of Marketing & Communications will continue to manage collateral material utilizing UE logos and brand marks. They will also continue to manage the printing of brochures, flyers, programs, certificates, invitations, business cards, and stationery. Please complete the required marketing request and UE Requisition for Purchase order as usual for these jobs.

Copy Guidelines – (Effective June 1, 2019)
1. All copiers including the relocated production copiers will continue to operate using copy access codes.

2. Copy Service Request Forms and the “\\uefile\uecommon\copy services drop folder” (unsecure) or “\\uefile\uecommon\CS1” (secure) sites will be no longer be used or necessary.

3. Departments will have access to remaining CS production supplies (combs, colored paper, staples, shrink wrap, etc.) while remaining CS supplies last at no cost.  Remaining CS supplies will be in OH 231.

4. Once the remaining CS supplies are gone, Departments are responsible for purchasing and maintaining their departmental copy supplies, such as copy paper, spiral combs, etc. needed to complete a copy job.

Copy Supplies UE Purchase Method Available for Copy Supplies
White paper In-House Office Supply form (See Central Receiving website)
Color paper Office Depot, Midland Paper (Pcard purchase)
Cardstock Office Depot, Midland Paper (Pcard purchase)
Spiral Combs Office Depot (Pcard purchase)
UE Invitations Contact Office of Content Design (Marketing Request)
UE Certificates Contact Office of Content Design (Marketing Request)
UE Letterhead UE Requisition for Purchase Order & Marketing Request
UE Envelopes UE Requisition for Purchase Order & Marketing Request
Pcard Envelopes In-House Office Supply form (See Central Receiving website)

Note: Toner and staples are provided and available upon request via the copier liaison in your building.

5. White copy paper 8.5” x 11” will no longer be provided and is excluded from copier costs per copy as of June.  Departments will purchase and maintain all paper supplies as indicated in number 4 above.

6. The Office of Marketing & Communications will continue to monitor the use of the UE Brand and Logo. (No Change) Brand Guidelines may be viewed online.

7. The Library will continue to review documents and assist with proper copyright use. (No Change)

8. The Office of Content Design will handle requests for UE certificates and invitations, as indicated in number 4 above. (No Change)

Additional information regarding this transition will be forthcoming and communicated in AceNotes and available on the Copy Services website until a new site entitled “Copiers” is available. 


Submitted by Kim Winsett.