The Office of Safety and Security has obtained additional information about the incident behind Olmsted Administration Building that occurred at approximately 1:45 this morning.

As the victim was approaching the northeast door of Olmsted Hall, the suspect came up behind her and aggressively grabbed the female victim’s shirt, tearing the front of it.  He then made several inappropriate comments to her of a sexual nature. The victim was able to pull away from the suspect and she ran into Olmsted Hall.  The victim reported the incident from an office in Olmsted.  This incident has been reported to the Evansville Police Department. 

The campus was notified of this incident through the Ace Alerts system early this morning with the following message:

At approximately 1:45 AM, a WFF worker was approached by a white male mid 20's to 40's as the employee entered Olmsted Hall. He tried to enter but the employee pulled away and the suspect was last seen running West from Olmsted. He was wearing basketball shorts, a grey crew type shirt and white cap. EPD has been contacted and are in the area. If you go out, please be aware of your surroundings and if you see a person matching the description notify Safety and Security at 812-488-2051.

Please notify Safety and Security at 812-488-2051 if you have any information regarding this incident or see someone matching the description above.