As we continue to place student satisfaction and service as a top priority, the Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing and the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs and Administration have collaborated to examine various models of providing financial services to our students. The two primary areas providing these services are the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounts. Over the past several years, many institutions have combined these offices into one division of Student Financial Services. This model was also highlighted recently from our consulting firm, Enrollment X Design, in regard to their review of enrollment support functions. 

In November, Cathleen Wright, our former Director of Financial Aid, announced she had accepted a new position with her previous institution and would be leaving UE in January. With her departure, the consideration of and timeline for this consolidation was expedited. As a result, effective immediately, the University is consolidating the Office of Student Accounts and the Office of Financial Aid into a new Student Financial Services division. Becky Hamilton has been appointed director of this new division.

Becky will supervise financial aid and student accounts and report to the Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing, Shane Davidson, with a dotted reporting line on the organizational chart to the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs and Administration, Donna Teague, particularly with respect to internal control structure and processes affecting our compliance with financial accounting standards.

The goal is to improve cross training and customer service to our students. For an effective implementation, some reorganization of office space will occur on the first floor of Olmsted Hall to give the new student financial services division access and functionality to meet the needs of our students.