At approximately 1:20 a.m. this morning - Friday, February 16 - the Office of Safety & Security was notified of suspicious people in Lot G. Campus security officers responded and were able to apprehend one of two juveniles taking items from a vehicle. The juvenile was then arrested by the Evansville Police Department.

The suspect stated they were checking the parking lots for unlocked vehicles then taking anything they found of value. Thefts have already been reported from victims who parked their cars in Lot G (Schroeder Lot) and the Front Oval.

The Office of Safety & Security would like to remind everyone to ensure the safety of their property by:

  • Locking your car and taking your keys when you park.
  • Roll your windows all the way up if you have anything of value in your car.
  • Remove valuable property from plain view. Place it in the trunk or out of sight.

If you have any information regarding this incident or wish to report a theft from your vehicle, please contact the Office of Safety & Security at ext. 2051 on campus or 812-488-2051 off campus.