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Monday, April 29, 2013

* Summer Hours

The University will begin a modified summer schedule on May 6 through August 9, 2013.  Business hours for the campus will be adjusted during this period to 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  In all cases, the area supervisor is responsible for the scheduling decisions that will best meet the University’s and their respective department’s service requirements during business hours.  We will return to regular hours on Monday, August 12, 2013.

The modified summer work schedule is incumbent on ensuring coverage to service our many constituencies.  It is important to maintain our commitment and communication with students and their parents during the summer months.  Your assistance in this regard is greatly appreciated.


From the President


Dear Members of the Campus Community:

On Monday, April 29 and Tuesday, April 30 the University will welcome to campus Dr. Robert Dickeson and Ms. Julie Naster of Academic Strategy Partners. They will conduct a two-day workshop with a wide cross-section of UE faculty, staff, and administrators to begin a conversation about how we can more effectively match our resource allocations with the mission of the University. In a time of limited resources, it is critical that we spend our dollars wisely to support the academic and administrative activities that best serve our institutional values. 

Dr. Dickeson is the president and principal of Academy Strategy Partners and is recognized as a national leader in helping colleges and universities to establish priorities based on institutional mission and goals. He is a political scientist by training and is a former faculty member at four universities. Moreover, he has served in various administrative positions and was president of the University of Northern Colorado for ten years (1981-1991). His firm has worked with several hundred colleges and universities.

A key first step in this process is for Dr. Dickeson to learn as much as he can about UE, our programs, our ambitions, and our resources. During the two-day workshop he and Ms. Naster will meet with faculty, staff, and administrators in small group sessions. In addition, he will participate in an Open Forum to which all of the members of the campus community are invited. The Open Forum will be held on Tuesday, April 30 from 10:15 to 11:30 in the Ridgway University Center, Eykamp Hall, Room 251. A PowerPoint presentation outlining a framework for the two-day workshop has been posted on the UE Website for your review in advance of the visit. You can access the Academic Strategy Partners presentation under ‘Related Links’ at the following address:  I do hope you will be able to attend and participate in this important conversation about the future of the University. 


President Tom Kazee


What's Happening Today

* Come Meet the New Women's Volleyball Coach!

The Athletics Department will be holding a news conference this afternoon to introduce UE’s new women's volleyball coach. It will be at 3:30 p.m. in the Meeks Family Court (large gym) at the Carson Center. The campus community and the public are welcome to attend and welcome the new coach!


Upcoming Events

* Reception for Jackie Cooper-Galey Planned for Wednesday

There will be  an open house reception for Jackie Cooper-Galey on Wednesday, May 1 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Office of Accounting and Audit, OH 213.  Please join us in wishing her well in her new endeavor.

* Reception for Dr. Dick Connolly

Please join the Department of Philosophy & Religion for a retirement reception honoring Professor of Philosophy Dick Connolly.  The reception will be held on Tuesday, April 30, from 2:00–3:30 p.m. in Olmsted Hall on the third floor. 

Connolly received his B.A. degree in Biology from Trinity College, and his M.A. degree and Ph.D. from Michigan State University.  A former Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, he has also served as the director of the Honors Program, Chair of the Promotion and Tenure committee, University Ombudsman,  past president and vice president of the Faculty Senate, guest lecturer for the Andiron and Crick Lectures as well as multitudes of other campus and community groups. 

He has published articles on David Hume as well as philosophy of religion as well as presented at numerous profession meetings in the areas of applied ethics, and was campus coordinator for the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows Program and numerous other standing and ad hoc committees. Connolly is also a member of the American Philosophical Association., the Indiana Philosophical Association., the International Hume Society, former president of the Evansville Green River Kiwanis, an NCAA soccer referee, and has taught various classes at Washington Middle School in Evansville.  (The man also LOVES Tootsie Rolls!)


Info You Should Know

* Year-End Bookstore Sale

The Bookstore is having a 20% OFF sale April 25 through May 1.  All UE Clothing and Gift items will be discounted 20% off the original price of the item.  There are also a few clearance items still priced to sell.  It's a good time to get something for that special graduate.

* Attention Bicycle Owners!

If you plan to keep your bicycle locked to one of the bicycle racks outside of the residence halls or village properties during the summer months, please stop by the Office of Residence Life to pick up an approved label to tag your bicycle.  After filling out the label, secure it to your bicycle in a visible location.

Any bicycle that does not have an approved label on it after the residence halls and village properties close will be removed.  The locks on unclaimed bicycles will be cut, and the bikes will be donated to charity or disposed of.  Residence Life will also hold a bike locker lottery.  Those selected have access to a bike locker throughout the summer for $30.  The office is open weekdays between 8:00am and 5:00pm to pick up an approved tag, enter the locker lottery, or for more information.

Notice:  If you plan to leave your bicycle locked to one of the bicycle racks or in a bike locker during the summer, you do so at your own risk; the University will not be liable for loss of or damage to personal property of students.  Students are urged to secure insurance for such property. 

* Crescent Magazine Wants to Know What You Think

Please take a few minutes to let the Crescent Magazine staff know what you think about this year's issues by taking their annual magazine survey. It's anonymous and all you have to do is click the link to begin. The staff thanks you in advance.

* Time is Running Out....

Most students are eligible for a FREE copy, so don't leave campus without your 2012 LinC.  We're pretty sure you're in it!  Stop by Student Publications, second floor, Ridgway Center.

* Summer Session I Books

Summer session I books are available for purchase in the store and on the bookstore website.  During buyback (Apr 24-May 1) the textbook area is closed BUT if you need a book for summer session I all you have to do is ask store staff and they will be happy to retrieve your book for you.  Once buyback is over (May 2) the textbook area will be open as usual.  If you have any questions please contact the Bookstore. 

* Purchasing Procedures Announced for May

As the end of the University’s fiscal year approaches on May 31, Administrative Services and Accounting and Audit announce the following procedures related to purchases of goods and services during May.

Pcard Purchases
• Pcard purchases posting to the statement on or before May 21 (cycle end date) will be paid from FY 2012-2013 funds. Most shipments post on your Pcard within three to four business days.  However, vendors have up to nine business days to post transactions.
• Pcard purchases posting from May 22 through May 31 will be paid from FY 2013-2014 (new year) funds, unless the item purchased exceeds $500.  Purchases exceeding $500 will be paid from FY 2012-2013 funds.

Office Depot Orders
• Normally, Office Depot orders placed by 3 p.m. for items in stock are delivered the next business day. Upon delivery, the transaction should post on your Pcard within three to four business days.
• Office Depot orders received by May 13 will likely post on the May 21 Pcard Cycle and be paid from FY 2012-2013 funds.
• Office Depot orders placed and received but posting to the Pcard between May 22 and May 31 will be paid from FY 2013-2014 funds, unless the items purchased exceed $500.  Purchases exceeding $500 will be paid from FY 2012-2013 funds.

Purchase Orders
• Approved requisitions converted into purchase orders and delivered by May 31 will be paid from FY 2012-2013 funds.
• Approved Requisitions indicating FY 2013-2014 written on them in red ink will be processed with a delivery date of June 1 or later.
• Backordered Purchase Orders not delivered by May 31 will be paid from FY 2013-2014 funds.

Blanket Orders
• All FY 2012-2013 Blanket orders expire on May 31, 2013.
• Approved Requisitions for FY 2013-2014 (new year) Blanket Orders may now be submitted with June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014 effective dates.
• Backordered Blanket Purchase Order items not delivered by May 31, 2013 will be paid from FY 2013-2014 funds.

Requisitions for Check Request
• All services completed and items purchased less than $100 and on campus by May 31, must be submitted on a requisition to Accounting & Audit by 5 p.m. on Monday, June 10 to be paid from FY 2012-2013 funds.
• The requisitions must have appropriate approvals and funds available to be charged to FY 2012-2013.
• Any requisitions less than $100 not submitted by this time or those submitted without appropriate approvals or without funds available will be charged to your budget in FY 2013-2014.
• All services completed and items purchased for $100 or more and on campus by May 31 must be submitted on a requisition to Accounting and Audit by Monday, June 17 to be paid from FY 2012-2013 funds. Any requisitions not submitted by this time will be charged to your budget in FY 2013-2014.


* Rental Books Due Back May 1

This is a reminder that all UrEntal books are due back in the Bookstore by May 1 at 5PM.  Rentals returned after that date will be assessed a late fee of $10.  Students that rented books from SKYO can also return their books to the Bookstore and the Bookstore will ship those books back for you.  UrEntal books are desiginated by the purple and white sticker on the spine, SKYO rentals have no designation on them.  During Buyback please bring all rental returns only to the station marked as the "Rental Returns".  Those books that are not rentals can be sold at the Buyback table next to the return area.  If you have any questions in regard to your rental books please contact the UE Bookstore.

* Final Exams: Come to the Libraries for Quiet Study!

UE Libraries offers quiet study spaces as you prepare for Final Exams. Individual study carrels, Group Study Rooms, study tables, and casual seating are available on all four levels of the Libraries. We encourage you to take full advantage of the quiet study areas available at your library.

* Win an iPad at Book Buyback

The semester end book buyback at the UE Bookstore runs Noon, April 24th through 4PM on May 1st.  We freely quote books whether used on this campus or not.  Please remember to bring all components of books you purchased as it may affect the price you receive.  Workbooks and programmed texts generally need to be clean of marks to have any value.  We have a large listing of books we are offering special pricing well above wholesale.  Also everytime you sell books you can register for the drawing where we are giving away an iPad and a $100 Bookstore gift card. Winners will be notified.  Also during the week all clothing and gifts will be 20% off the regular price during the buyback period.  And don't forget if your group is registered for the Group Buyback Promotion be sure to use your code to credit your group's total so that your group can win the $200 first prize.  Bring your student ID as well, you do NOT need your original receipt to sell books.  AND YOU ALWAYS GET CASH ON THE SPOT!  If you have any questions please contact the UE Bookstore. 

* Libraries Announces Extended Final Exam Hours Schedule

UE Libraries will extend its schedule of hours for Final Examinations beginning on Reading/Study Day
through April 30th.  Hours schedule follows.  Contact William Louden, University Librarian, with
questions at either 488.2376  or

·         Wednesday, April 24th:     7:45  a.m.  -  1:00  a.m.
·          Thursday, April 25th:          7:45  a.m.  -  1:00  a.m.
·          Friday, April 26th:                7:45  a.m.  -  8:00  p.m.
·          Saturday, April 27th:         10:00 a.m.  -  8:00  p.m.
·          Sunday, April 28th:                      Noon  -  1:00  a.m.            
·          Monday, April 29th:            7:45  a.m.  -  1:00  a.m.
·          Tuesday, April 30th:            7:45  a.m.  -  Midnight
·          Wednesday, May 1st:       7:45  a.m.  -  5:00  p.m.

* Gluten-Free Students …

Please email Brittany Chidester if you are interested in being a part of a new, gluten-free group on campus! Whether you suffer from Celiac or wheat/gluten allergies, this is a great opportunity for you. Our objective is to provide a supportive network for students, to promote celiac disease and gluten-free awareness within our community and to advocate for gluten free options on campus.

Please email Brittany at if you are interested.

* Last Day for Mail Delivery and Pick Up for Student Housing

The last day of UE Mail Services’ delivery and pick-up of mail for all students who have been living in campus housing during the 2013 spring semester will be Thursday, May 2, 2013. Please follow mail procedures recommended by the Office of Residence Life located on their website prior to departure especially the forwarding of your mail.

You are strongly encouraged to contact financial institutions, etc. directly. The University is not responsible for fines or penalties due to delayed mail delivery.  If you are expecting packages shipped via other couriers that may arrive after your departure, please contact Mail Services at extension 2197 or email Please note that Mail Services will not be able to forward items such as mail, packages, etc. and you will need to make alternative arrangements.

Feel free to contact the University mailroom at any time with questions or concerns by contacting Doris Cook, Distribution Services Supervisor, at extension 1067 (email at or Tammy Burgess, Mail Technician, at extension 2197 (email at



* Deans Teaching Award Winners

The Deans Teaching Award winners have been announced. They are:

Amy Hall, department chair and professor of nursing - College of Education and Health Sciences

Alan Kaiser, associate professor of  archaeology, and Anthony Beavers, professor of philosophy and director of the Cognitive Science Program– Arts and Sciences

Yasser Alhenawi, assistant professor of finance – School of Business

Mark Valenzuela, associate professor of mechanical and civil engineering – Engineering

* Rob Griffith and Margaret McMullan

Creative Writing Professors Rob Griffith and Margaret McMullan were guest judges and workshop leaders for the Letters for Literature State Contest and the Inaugural Young Literary Day sponsored by the Indiana State Library and the Library of Congress Center for the Book. Griffith and McMullan joined other professors from Purdue and University of Indianapolis to lead poetry and fiction writing workshops for the 185 winning Indiana students at the State Library in Indianapolis , Saturday, April 27. Over 300 guests, including students and teachers attended the ceremony. Professor McMullan delivered the keynote address.

Letters About Literature is a national reading-writing contest that asks students in grades 4-12 to write a personal letter to an author, explaining how his or her work changed their view of the world or themselves. Letters About Literature is a program of the Indiana Center for the Book and sponsored by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

* Robin C. Sager

Robin C. Sager, assistant professor of history, has been named a Summer Scholar by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). As one of twenty-five scholars selected, from an international pool, Dr. Sager will spend two weeks in June at a NEH Summer Institute in Savannah, Georgia. The Institute will focus on an exploration of African-American culture and life in Savannah and Georgia’s coastal islands and is co-sponsored by the Georgia Historical Society.

* Biology Department Outstanding Student Awards

The Biology outstanding student awards for 2012-2013 were presented at the April 24th reception for Biology majors. 

The James A. Brenneman Student Service Award was given to Bethany Bonifield for her commitment to the Department of Biology and to UE, and the Patricia L. Akrabawi Teaching Assistant Award was presented to Taylor Schoenheit.  Dr. Brenneman and Mrs. Akrabawi are honored for their long and generous commitment to UE Biology students. 

The Jerry T. Seng Freshman Biology Award recognizes retired faculty member Dr. Seng and his years of devotion to the success of students, and particularly his nurturing of freshmen.  The recipient of the Seng award for the most outstanding freshmen was Alexandra Arguello. 

Kelly Lamarche received the David and Jennifer Pollock Sophomore Biology Award, which honors the Drs. Pollock for their contributions to their alma mater and the Department of Biology. 

James Kohler received the Paul “Louie” Winternheimer Junior Biology Award, named in memory of Louie Winternheimer for his 39 years of distinguished teaching and service. 

The senior award is named in honor of UE benefactors, Dr. and Mrs. Robertson.  The Charles and Patricia Robertson Senior Award for the most outstanding senior of 2012-2013 was presented to Zuzana Kocsis and Ashley Rich (pictured with Dr. Joyce Stamm); after graduation they will be attending doctoral programs at Washington University and the University of Chicago, respectively. 

Congratulations to all of the Biology majors for their success over the last academic year.

* UE Theatre Student Awards

The University of Evansville Theatre Society hosted the annual UE Theatre Student Awards on Wednesday, April 24, at the Log Inn.

The Buddy Barnes Award for Outstanding Freshman was presented to Hannah Cava, a stage management major from Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Mary Lou Muth Wooley Award for Outstanding Sophomore was presented to Sarah Stolnack, a design and technology major from Seattle, Washington.
The Mabel Dillingham Nennecker Award for Outstanding Junior was presented to Kelsey Miller, a performance major from Evansville, Indiana.
The Jeane Suhrheinrich Award for Outstanding Senior was presented to Sammy Brown, a stage management major from Marietta, Georgia.
The John Streetman Young Artist of the Year Award was presented to Dylan Frederick, a junior performance major from Edina, Minnesota.
The William A. Gumberts Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement was awarded to Brian Gonner, for his lighting design of EURYDICE.  Brian is a senior design and technology major from Dubuque, Iowa.

Hailing from 16 different states, the 38 graduating seniors were recognized and tributes were given to individual theatre faculty members.

* Karolina Toth

Congratulations to Karolina Toth, who won first prize in the LewerMark Student Insurance “Make Your Mark” scholarship competition. Karolina is a cognitive science major from Budapest, Hungary.

The LewerMark agency, which provides health insurance programs for international students studying in the U.S., awarded Karolina a $1,250 scholarship for her essay response to the question “How will an international education help me make a difference in the world?” LewerMark representatives came to UE to present Karolina’s award on Thursday, April 25.

Read Karolina’s winning essay online at



* Kelly Lamarche Earns MVC Leadership And Service Award

University of Evansville women’s golfer Kelly Lamarche was honored on Friday as UE’s recipient of the Missouri Valley Conference Leadership and Service Award.  She received her award at the Purple Aces baseball game against Missouri State at Braun Stadium.

In an effort to honor the achievements of exceptional student-athletes, the Missouri Valley Conference has created the MVC Leadership & Service Award (formerly the Good Neighbor Award).  Ten student-athletes have been named by Commissioner Doug Elgin as the honorees for the 2012-13 spring season.

This year’s spring honorees include Ashton Kalhorn, Bradley, Men's Tennis, Junior; Sammy Snygg, Creighton, Softball, Senior; Conor Wells, Drake, Men's Track & Field, Sophomore; Kelly Lamarche, Evansville, Women's Golf, Sophomore; Nichelle Harrison, Illinois State, Softball, Junior; Devin Moore, Indiana State, Baseball, Senior; Kimsue Grant, Missouri State, Women's Track & Field, Senior; Samantha Cameron, UNI, Women's Track & Field, Senior; Lucas Cherry, Southern Illinois, Men's Track & Field, Senior; Melanie Jaegers, Wichita State, Softball, Sophomore.

In order to be eligible for the award, the student-athlete must be in good academic standing, must demonstrate good citizenship through good sportsmanship and significant community service, and must participate in a sport, during the season of recognition.  The Valley will recognize 10 student-athletes three times annually (fall, winter, spring), for a total of 30 honorees.  Institutions select their MVC Leadership & Service Award honorees.

Kelly Lamarche has a perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA as a biology major.  She has made the dean’s list in each semester while working with countless organizations in the community.  A full list is below, however, some of those organizations include Race for the Cure, Holly’s House, Tri-State Food Bank, Mesker Park Zoo, Adopt-A-Highway and Aid Research.

•4.0 cumulative GPA in Biology, Professional
•Dean's List (Fall 2011, Spring '12, Fall '12)
•Race for the Cure volunteer
•Holly's House volunteer
•Adopt-A-Highway volunteer
•Warrick County Humane Society volunteer
•Aces of Hearts volunteer
•Hebron Elementary reading program
•Mesker Park Zoo - Boo at the Zoo program
•Tri-State Food Bank volunteer
•Relay for Life volunteer
•Lodge Elementary reading program
•Vogel Elementary reading program
•Holy Spirit Elementary reading program
•Monster Mash volunteer
•Aid Research volunteer
•SAAC Canned Food Drive volunteer
•Local Thrift Store painting volunteer
•Trick or Eat project with Greek Organization volunteer

* UE Tennis Falls To Illinois State At MVC Team Championship

In the opening round of the Missouri Valley Conference Team Championships, No. 4 Illinois State earned a 4-0 win over the University of Evansville women’s tennis team on Friday morning at the Wichita Country Club.

Moved indoors due to inclement weather, Illinois State got on the board early, taking the doubles point.  Emmie Marx and Stefanie Youngberg topped Kelsey Costales and Emily Richardson by an 8-3 final while Carolina Abello and Heather Nisbet topped Gaby Fifer and Marina Moreno, 8-3.  In No. 1 doubles Natasha James and Marketa Trousilova were leading 5-4 over Phyllis Tigges and Kadi Ilves before being called when the Redbirds clinched the point.

Singles also went ISU’s way.  For just the second time in league play, Trousilova fell at second flight singles as she fell to Tigges, 6-2, 6-3.  Moreno lost to Abello in group three, 6-3, 6-2 while Ilves topped Mina Milovic in the fourth slot, 6-3, 6-2 to clinch the match.  At top singles, James and Marx were in the third set when the match was called due to Illinois State clinching the win.

Evansville wraps up the season with a 10-11 mark but has a very bright future ahead.  This year, UE had just one junior with the rest being freshman and sophomores.  UE has an extremely solid foundation for the coming years, led by Fifer, James and Trousilova.  Each produced at an extremely high level, combining four 36 singles victories this season.

All-Conference members James and Trousilova were dominant at No. 1 doubles as they rolled through the year with a 16-3 record.  That included a 6-1 showing in seven MVC matches in 2013.

* Missouri State Tops Aces, 2-1, in Pitcher's Duel on Senior Day

Missouri State got a two-out, eighth-inning home run from Keenen Maddox to defeat the University of Evansville baseball team, 2-1, on Senior Day and capture the Missouri Valley Conference series two games to one on a cloudy Sunday afternoon at Braun Stadium.

“We got an outstanding pitching performance from a senior on Senior Day, but one pitch changed the game,” head coach Wes Carroll said.  “We only gave up two runs against a quality opponent in Missouri State, but our offensive just laid an egg today.  This is when the middle of our lineup needs to step up and we didn’t get that at all today.”

Evansville (16-29, 7-8 MVC) managed just five hits in the loss and senior Jason Hockemeyer drove in the Aces’ only run with an RBI single in the bottom of the sixth.  Redshirt sophomore Kevin Kaczmarski finished 1-for-4 with a run scored and stole his 12th base of the season.

Senior Josh Biggs was the hard-luck loser on the mound, as he fell to 0-2 on the year, despite turning in 7.2 solid innings.  The left-hander gave up just two runs on six hits and tallied three strikeouts.  Erik Shannahan earned the win in relief for Missouri State (27-12, 11-4 MVC) to improve to 2-0, as surrendered just one hit and fanned four UE hitters in 2.2 innings.

The Bears struck first in the top of the third and took a 1-0 lead on Tate Matheny’s RBI single to left that scored Patrick Drake, who led off the frame with a double to deep right.

Evansville finally got to MSU starter Andy Cheray in the bottom of the sixth, as Kaczmarski reached on a one-out single, stole second and scored on Hockemeyer’s RBI single to right, sliding just under the tag of Missouri State catcher Luke Voit, following a strong throw from Drake.

“It was great to see Jason (Hockemeyer) pull through in a big spot,” Carroll said.  “He did that at Wichita State last weekend.  He is in our three hole for a reason.  It was great to see him fight off all the off speed pitches and deliver a blow for us when he finally got the fastball.”

After Biggs retired eight-straight Bears, Maddox lined a two-out pitch over the wall in left to put MSU in front 2-1.

Shannahan shut down the Aces in the eighth and ninth, allowing only a two-out single to senior Chris Pearson over the final two innings.

UE will step out of conference play Wednesday, May 1, when it hosts cross-town rival Southern Indiana at 6 p.m.

* Indiana State Caps off a Series Win against Evansville, 4-2

The University of Evansville softball team was defeated in game three on Sunday afternoon, 4-2, as Indiana took the series, 2-1.

Evansville’s offense produced five hits against the Sycamores as senior Kendall Kautz notched two of those hits in her three at bats while grabbing a double and one RBI. Victoria Dellorto, Brianna Villanueva, and Emily Morris grabbed one hit each as sophomore Kayla Fortner picked up one run, one walk, one RBI, and one sacrifice fly.

The Aces will return to Cooper Stadium to finish their nonconference schedule on Wednesday, May 1, as they face Western Kentucky in a single game contest beginning at 6:00 p.m. CST.

Game Recap: Indiana State 4, UE 2
Indiana State struck first in the bottom half of the first inning after an error by UE and a sacrifice fly to center field drove in a runner to home plate as the Sycamores tallied their first run on the board to take an early lead over the Aces, 1-0.

After a scoreless second frame, Evansville knotted the score, 1-1, in the top of the third as Fortner flied out to center field and drove in junior Niki Rahming to home plate.

The Sycamores once again took the lead from the Aces in the fourth after a double to left center placed a runner in scoring position for Indiana State that was followed up by a single and sacrifice fly to center field to make it a 2-1 game.

As Fortner walked in the top of the sixth, Kautz doubled to left center and allowed Fortner to reach home plate and tie it up once more, 2-2.

Indiana State notched a pair of runs in the bottom half of the sixth to take the lead over Evansville, 4-2, after a home run to left field sent a pair of runners to the plate heading to the seventh inning.

While UE tried to manufacture some runs, they fell short after a couple of fly outs and a ground out ended the inning and the game as the Sycamores took the victory, 4-2, over the Aces.

Indiana State’s Halle Humphrey pitched 7.0 innings and struck out four as she improved to 6-16 in the circle. Humphrey allowed two runs while issuing two walks.

Evansville pitcher Sarah Patterson suffered the loss as she moved to 13-10 on the season. Patterson pitched 5.2 innings while striking out one and allowing two runs.

* UE Men's Golf Takes Its Turn At MVC Championship

One week after the women played for the conference championship, the Purple Aces men’s golf team will have its turn, traveling to Cape Girardeau, Mo. for the 2013 Missouri Valley Conference Championship on April 29 and 30.

Dalhousie Country Club will play host to the tournament, which will feature 36 holes on Monday before the final 18 holes of play will take place on Tuesday.  In the pre-tournament poll, Wichita State was a unanimous favorite to win, earning all nine first-place votes.  They feature the league’s lowest two stroke averages.

Southern Illinois is hosting the tournament, which features free admission to all fans.  For those wishing to follow along, live stats will be available at

Evansville was picked seventh in the poll on the strength of their performance over the course of the year.  Led by freshman Alex Turner and junior Quinn Vilneff, the Aces roll into Cape Girardeau with momentum on their side.  In the last action, the duo posted a 1-2 finish at the UE/Butler Challenge in Jasper, Ind.

Turner took top honors with his low round of 73 while Vilneff was just behind with a 74.  For the spring, Turner leads the team with a 74.09 average, which is below his season mark of 74.38.  Vilneff has knocked a half stroke off of his fall average and heads to the tournament with a 75.82 average in the spring.  After shooting an 84 in the opening round of the Samford Intercollegiate, he has been extremely consistent, recording ten round in a row at a 78 or under.

Dalhousie is an outstanding par-72 course designed by the Nicklaus Group. The course sits on land originally settled in 1798 by Scottish immigrant Rebecca Ramsey, sister of the The Earl of Dalhousie, and skirts private land housing an antebellum mansion that emulates Scotland's famous Dalhousie Castle.

The character of the 7,389 yard core golf layout varies from undulating terrain to old growth forests to spectacular water holes, while gnarly-edged bunkers, imaginative green complexes, immaculate Zoysia fairways and large, rectangular bentgrass tee boxes add dimension and challenge. A true masterpiece designed to stand the test of time, The Dalhousie Golf Club is undoubtedly one of the best courses in the Midwest.


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